The Feingold Program Foodlist
Scroll down to see how this book looks inside, and what you may find in it. All of these examples are Stage One.

You will notice certain letters in parentheses. These additives or ingredients are not eliminated on the Program, but some members may need to eliminate them, and others may prefer to eliminate them. This is the key:

  • (CS) = Corn syrup or other corn sweetener
  • (MSG/HVP) = Monosodium glutamate
  • (CP) = Calcium propionate
  • (SF) = Sulfiting agents
  • (SB) = Benzoates
  • (N) = Nitrates/nitrites
As always, you are responsible for feeding your family a balanced diet, but this book will help you make wiser choices. There are enough listed items that you may use this Program with any other treatment or diet you need.

Of course, fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, meats, and fish are all allowed on the diet. In the following samples we have hilighted some of the acceptable processed foods which you may not be expecting.

Items listed in examples above may no longer be accepted - using a current Foodlist is recommended.
Last Updated 7/28/12