More YouTubes of Interest

Jane Hersey's Introduction
Part 1

Jane Hersey's Introduction
Part 2

Raquel ("Rocky") Turner:
The Best Halloween Ever,
Thanks to Feingold

Raquel ("Rocky") Turner:
Making Chocolate Pudding

Renee Shutters
Part 1

Renee Shutters
Part 2

Renee Shutters
Part 3

Renee Shutters
Part 4

Lisa Lundy, author of
Super Allergy Girl Cookbook

Dr. John Taylor
discusses self-esteem

Birke Baehr, age 11
"What's wrong with our
food system"

Feingold Volunteer Angie Hines
Health Alert: Diet & ADHD
ABC TV Video

Blue #1 As a New Wonder Drug
(We knew it was a drug all along!)

Michael R. Lyon, MD
"Is Your Child's Brain Starving?"
1 hr 20 min lecture

Pink Lemonade

Song: Red 40 Lake
by Stephen Terzian

Claudia Buelna: The dangers
of artificial food dyes

Wired on Red Dye
Channel 5

Food Facts TV

Is Red Food Dye #40
driving your child crazy?
(Dave Young, New Tonight)

Jason's Deli removes the dyes

The Drs:
Food Dyes are Bad for You

Today Show, March 2011:
FDA Investigates Possible Artificial Dyes in Food Products and ADHD Link

Pop-Tart Comparison

Interview with Dr. Shaw

Shula Edelkind at Autism Today

The Round Table