Who receives Product Alerts by email?

You do, if your membership is up to date. The product alerts are listed in Pure Facts, too, of course, but you will get them faster by email.

If you have a current password, you may also see the past year's Product Alerts.

If you are eligible, but have not been receiving product alerts,

  • The e-mail address listed in your file may be incorrect, or
  • Your computer may be set to ignore or reject bulk email from us. This you must fix yourself in your email program or with your internet provider. You need to "whitelist" email from the email address "shula@feingold.org"

If you believe you should be receiving alerts but are not, email shula@feingold.org, including your current and (if possible) past email addresses, name and street address - and any other information that will help us register you correctly. For example, if you have changed your name, we need both your old and new names to help us find you in our records. You may also do this by phone by calling 1-800-321-3287.