Why Can't My Child Behave?
by Jane Hersey

About the Book & Author
PART ONE -- Introduction to diet, learning, & behavior    Read it Here
PART TWO -- Additives: those funny things in food
PART THREE -- Coping Skills
PART FOUR -- The Cost to Society

Why Can't My Child Behave? is written by Jane Hersey, national director of the Feingold Association and editor of the Pure Facts Newsletter. In its 400 pages, this book comprises 30 years of experience in the Feingold Association -- experience helping thousands of new members help their children, and experience being a member and watching her own children grow.

In the 1970s, Dr. Ben Feingold's work shook up the medical and industrial establishments in the United States and abroad. Since then, it has continued to have a positive effect on the lives of many thousands of people and to trigger far-reaching changes in what we eat and how health, learning and behavior are perceived.

Why Can't My Child Behave? is a comprehensive guide to the Feingold Program, updated for today's busy families. It shows you the most common reasons that children have trouble behaving, and why a bright child may have problems in school. And it is loaded with realistic solutions to the issues faced every day by parents of hard-to-raise kids.

The contents at a glance:

PART ONE -- an introduction to diet, learning, and behavior
    Read Part One Here

    Tell Me About Your Child
    The Ages and Stages of ADD/ADHD
    Questions Parents Ask
    Four Days of Feingold: a Trial Diet
    Can a Diet Help Improve Your Child's Behavior?
    Our Kids -- on the Program for More than a Decade
    How Can I Gain My Child's Cooperation?
    How Do I Actually Begin?
    Stage One

PART TWO -- Additives: What are all those funny things in food?

    Food Colorings
    The Troublesome Antioxidants
    Five "Little" Food Additives
    Other Additives
    Salicylates: What's Wrong with Apple Juice?
    Foods: from Bread to Wine

PART THREE -- Coping Skills

    If You Hate Cooking
    Saving Money on Food
    Low Cholesterol Diets and Feingold
    How do you Deal with Cheating?
    When Dad Won't Cooperate
    Parenting the Feingold Teen
    Health and Illness
    Seasons and Holidays
    Your Child in School
    Social Skills Deficits
    How Food Additives Affect the Brain
    Medication for ADD
    On the Program Away from Home
    • Church
    • Camp
    • Restaurants
    Travel Abroad
    Babies and Adults
    Non-foods can Trigger Reactions
    • Carpet, Cosmetics, Paint, Perfume
    Other Problems
    • Arthritis
    • Asthma
    • Autism
    • Bedwetting
    • Depression
    • Ear Infections
    • Eye Muscle Disorders
    • Hives
    • Seizure Disorders
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Tourette Syndrome
    Food Allergies

PART FOUR -- The Cost to Society

    Substance Abuse
    If You Want to Help
    Newest Scientific Studies
    Review of the Old Studies
    List of Food Additives

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