Healthier Food for Busy People
20 little rules to help you navigate the supermarket Jane Hersey

This little book takes an irreverant look at some of the worst
of what is in the supermarket, and tells you how to find the best.

How many people do you know who would like to improve their diet, but have no clue where to begin?

How many of your friends have a child whose behavior or school performance leave much to be desired?

Is your neighbor's kitchen table crowded with bottles of antihistamines, tranquilizers, pain killers, stimulants, antibiotics plus a few inhalers?

Have you tried to speak with the relatives about food, behavior and health, but find that they just don't get it?

Have you ever wished you could hand these people something simple and inexpensive that would explain what you've been trying to tell them? Something they would actually read?

Do you want to improve your diet in general even though you don't have any condition such as ADHD or asthma which would require the full Program?

Healthier Food for Busy People is the book designed to reach all these people, as well as the folks who are eager to learn more.

The truth is that many American families want to be healthier and feel better. They know that food is an important part of the picture but are not sure where to begin.

They read advice that is confusing and conflicting. There are plenty of books, articles and TV ads urging us to make all sorts of changes, but for the overcomitted American most of this advice only adds to the confusion.

Just as couch potatoes don't become marathon runners overnight, junk food junkies don't want to make drastic changes, and (here's the best part) they don't have to! Now there's a simple, funny, little book that describes what we have learned from the Feingold Program: you really can have it all!

Healthier Food for Busy People is a culinary version of Run Spot Run, guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips without leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

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Jane Hersey
Jane HerseyAuthor of Why Canít My Child Behave? Jane Hersey has almost 30 years of experience in helping families dealing with hyperactivity and ADD. Her area of expertise is non-medical treatments, her main interest being in diet. In her position of editor of Pure Facts, she pursues information on cutting-edge as well as family-tested therapies.