The School Year Calendar, which runs from September through August,
is a lot more than just a calendar!

And - while supplies last - it's free with your Program Materials
when you join the Feingold Association!

NOTE: Calendars have been mailed to Feingold members in the U.S. subscribing to Pure Facts. The suggested donation is $10.00 which helps us fund many of our programs to better serve you. If you are not a subscriber or you need extras, you may order them here.

  • It contains ads from companies that provide many of the hard-to-find foods our families enjoy. There's even a listing of the advertiser's email addresses so you can access more information.

  • The Calendar is also a handy resource for information about our program - for yourself, or to help you explain the diet to others. The first page describes the Feingold Association, what we do, and the materials we provide. Then near the back you will find a simple one-page description of the program. Do you want a simple guide to the Stage One and Stage Two foods? Here's where you will find it.

  • Our favorite part is the stories and photos of our kids. Your children will enjoy seeing pictures of kids like themselves, who know how important good food can be.

  • Your child's teacher might benefit from understanding more about our program. Your neighbors and relatives might be more cooperative if they understood why you don't want them feeding your kids petrochemicals.

  • And don't overlook the seasonal hints and ADHD information that can make a Feingolder's life easier.