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UPDATE: The effort to stop this law or reverse it is continuing. You can have your say - and also see what others have written - at the website of
Is it safe to sleep in Roach Killer powder? Is the benefit worth the risk? The public comment period on a proposed law to flameproof mattresses ends 3-14-05. (This is YOUR LAST CHANCE TO STOP THIS LAW) Send your comments direct to the CPSC (the US Consumer Products Safety Commission)

I received this shocking email from the other day.

See the whole article at

I was sure it was just another urban legend, but I checked it out. I went into our local bed store and ASKED them. This information is correct. At the mattress store they recommend that the best thing to do is buy a mattress really fast before the new law takes effect (it is good to know that all their OLD mattresses will be on sale as the new law takes effect since they will have to dump them).

What these chemicals will do to our sensitive children who react to even low levels of fragrance or chemicals in their food, water, or air, is anybody's guess. Whether sleeping on such a mattress will interfere with their ability to respond to the Feingold Program is unknown.

In any case, you should be allowed to decide for yourself if you wish to poison yourself slowly for the next 50 years to protect the few people per year who might catch their beds on fire. So -- read the information at, and if you choose to comment to the law-makers, please do. Write to them at In your email comment, put the following in the subject line.

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