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March 2005 Feingold Email Newsletter
Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,




In the past several years we have been having no luck getting Trader Joe's to fill our forms out for their products. In order to add new products or even to keep the ones we already have on our list, we need their cooperation.

If you would like to get involved, contact Trader Joe's and try to encourage them to fill out our forms so that you will be able to continue to buy their products. Perhaps they just need to know you care.

There are two companies you can contact:

Trader Joe's
Lauree Bradley
Trader Joe's East
Rachel Cohen or Vicki Crosby

Please let us know what you hear back from them by contacting Cindy Harrell at


Easter egg coloring is one of the fun family projects of this season. If you are using "regular" (synthetic) food dyes for your coloring project, remember to use Gloves in a Bottle ( to protect your hands from absorbing the dye. Remember, food dye absorbed through the skin is just as harmful - or more so - than the dye you eat because it is absorbed directly into your blood.

If you would like to try coloring the eggs using natural colorings you make yourself, try the procedures outlined on this website: We have not pre-tested these recipes, so we cannot guarantee results, but they sound interesting. The site suggests using organic eggs, but we assume ordinary supermarket eggs will work as well.


Associated Producers have created a 40-minute film about dietary intervention for ADHD called ADD/ADHD Smart Solutions. You can buy it on-line by going to and clicking on the "API Store" at top right.

It's a good description of the link between diet and behavior, including interviews with a nutritionist and a pediatrician, as well as parents. The video is a good overview of the topic and can be used by members as a very useful resource to introduce family members, teachers and others to the concept that what you eat can have a direct effect on how you behave and your ability to focus.


Another source of "white bristle" toothbrushes is Medoral® Junior by Fuchs®. These toothbrushes are made in Germany, but imported by Lotus Brands, Inc., P.O. Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181. They can be ordered on line (and on sale at the moment). answered my inquiry with the information that although most of the toothbrushes they carry do have some coloring on the bristles, a few are completely white, such as the Biotene Ultra Soft Toothbrush, and the Colgate Sensitive Extra Soft Toothbrush. See and click on the links for those toothbrushes. From the pictures, some others also appear to be white, and you can email them from their website (click on "contact us" link) to make sure.

White-bristled toothbrushes have also been sighted at Trader Joe's, CVS pharmacies, Whole Foods Market, and Walmart (the ultra-cheap 50-cent ones).


Food As Medicine is a nutrition training program integrating nutrition into clinical practice and medical education for physicians, medical school faculty, residency faculty and other health professionals.

Last year, FAUS was able to send me to this wonderful week-long seminar, and this year we are extremely pleased that we have been asked to provide our informational "blue books" to the participants. See more information.


The Great Plains Laboratory will be holding an Outreach Clinic for autism / ADHD / PDD / etc. in Knoxville, TN on April 23 & 24, 2005. The location will be the Marriott Residence Inn, 215 Langley Place, Knoxville, TN 37922.

See the flyer with more information.

See more information about future outreach clinics or conferences put on by the Great Plains Laboratory.


If you missed this movie in the theater, make sure you rent it and watch it now. This is a documentary every Feingold family (and everybody else too) should see. It's an interesting and very funny expose of the fast food industry, in which the film maker goes on a month-long McDonald's-only diet and ends up with some potentially serious health problems.

A parent sends in this note about an extra bit included in the DVD version -- our hero puts various McDonald's products in jars and waits to see what happens. Over the course of a couple of months the hamburgers, fish fillets, etc. eventually disintegrate, but NOTHING happens to the French fries. We know that the oil they are fried in is laced with the petrochemical preservative TBHQ .... it makes you wonder what really happens to them in a child's stomach.


There are so many ingredients in the strawberry flavoring of a fast-food milkshake that a list of them would be taller than the cup it comes in. You will never see that list, but author Eric Schlosser recited them during his talk Tuesday at Broome Community College. It took almost a minute to read and included some surprising and unpronounceable ingredients -- one was a substance he said is used to clean oil rigs. See Strawberry flavoring ingredients and see the whole article.

We have often discussed flavorings, both natural and artificial. We have considered flavor enhancers such as MSG in our newsletter and in Pure Facts, and as members know, we mark products containing it in our Food List & Shopping Guide. Now a whole new field may be opening: Rather than enhancing the flavor of the food, the Senomyx people are looking for chemicals to make your taste buds work harder. They are billing it as a way to cut down on MSG, sugar and salt while keeping all the "taste." But if this sounds more like a drug than a food ingredient, we agree. What such an addition to our foods will do to our sensitive children (and our sensitive selves) is at this time unknown -- and you can bet that it will not be covered in the research before use.

To become informed, see:


June from Hawaii writes about her experience at this bake shop, whose bread is listed in the Foodlist for the West Coast (Hawaii only, actually). She writes, "Armed with my food book, I went into the bakery (it is in my hometown!) The owner was quite nice - he went into the back to read all his ingredients on his shortening and other things to make sure that his bakery still complied ! (He did) And they still have no preservatives. He even told me that a certain bread (Portugese sweet bread delicacy) could be special ordered by me ahead of time, and he would make it without the yellow food coloring! His breads freeze well, so I stocked up."

Don't be shy - ask your local bakery for help if you are finding it hard to find good breads that meet our guidelines. While most of our children seem to tolerate the occasional white roll at a restaurant (after responding well to the diet) and you can cut off the crusts of a bread baked in pan grease with TBHQ/BHT/BHA, you don't want to have to do this every day.

Have a happy and safe holiday,