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April 2004 Feingold Email Newsletter
Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

EASTER / PASSOVER: For recipes & ideas, see the March 2001 issue of the eNews




Pretty candles are a beautiful part of many holidays, but beware those with bright colors. Not only are they likely to have artificial colorings in them (which you will breathe as they burn) but these colorings may also be protected by BHT (Butylated HydroxyToluene), one of the preservatives eliminated on the Feingold Program. In addition to causing behavioral and/or physical problems in sensitive people, BHT is a known tumor promoter. It is also one of many chemicals found in the environment and in sewage. This and other estrogen-like chemicals are believed to be the cause of the decline in sperm production in recent years. Think before you breathe it.

See more information about BHT and an ad selling it for use in candles.

Look for candles without fragrance, white or with natural colorings, so you can enjoy your holidays in safety.



While you are checking out the candles, pay attention to the wick. Studies have shown that candles with lead wicks can release dangerous amounts of lead into the air. Since lead is one of the heavy metals that can cause symptoms of ADHD at low levels, you may want to ask your doctor about testing for lead if you or your child has been exposed to such candles.

If you see silver-colored fibers in the candle wick, hold on to the tip of the wick and rub a piece of paper across it. If it makes a mark like a pencil, then it contains lead.

Dr. L. Eugene Arnold, in his presentation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1998, suggested that all children with symptoms of ADHD should be screened for lead levels since this is a problem that can be treated if it is identified.



The Feingold Program is not just for ADHD. Nasal congestion has long been known - to us - to be one of the many symptoms that may improve with use of the Feingold Program. It is nice to see a scientific report in Reuters Health that agrees.

If you have trouble opening that page, or if the article is gone, see it here.

See other symptoms that often improve with use of the Feingold Program and see the science backing up these claims.



It has long been recognized - at least in the research - that children with chronic ear infections tend to later develop ADHD. Hagerman (1987) found that 94% of hyperactive children had suffered three or more ear infections, and 69% had greater than 10 of them. A clinic in Lodz, Poland, (Wasowska-Krolikowska 1998) reported in 1998 that the frequency of otitis media (ear infections) had fallen from 22.6% in 1975 to 4.2% in 1995. According to the researchers, this did not happen because of better medication, but because the diet of Polish children had vastly improved "from artificial to natural."

Many parents using the Feingold Program have told us that their children's frequent ear infections disappeared after implementation of the Feingold Program. It is our wish that children who have ear infections but are not yet suffering from ADHD could have access to this Program, perhaps heading off future trouble. If you know a family with a child who has had repeated ear infections, please pass on this information. You may see the research mentioned above at and you may also want to read and print an interesting report by the late Dr. William Crook, making the connection between yeast, ear infections, and ADHD. Note that additives are certainly one of the items he eliminated from his patient's diets, as well as various common allergens and sugar. According to Dr. Sudhir Gupta, Chief of Cell Immunology of the University of California at Irvine, it is not surprising that people with elevated yeast suffer from allergies. He told us personally, and wrote in a document used in the court case of Dr. Robert Sinaiko v. Medical Board of California, that "all allergists know" that when you lower the level of yeast in the gastrointestinal tract, you lower the allergic response. Yeast (candida) is, of course, a natural component of the GI tract. This is not even an argument about whether a specific level of yeast is "too high" but rather an empirical recommendation that if you have allergies, lower your level of yeast and they will probably improve.



Many of you have been following the case of Dr. Robert Sinaiko over the past several years. Dr. Sinaiko is an immunologist who studied under Dr. Feingold, and has long been a caring medical advisor to the Feingold Association. He has an international reputation as an innovative doctor treating people with complicated immune system problems such as chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity, as well as children with ADHD and autism. See more about the history of this case.

In an effort to prevent the use of alternative treatments such as the Feingold Program, the Medical Board of California has attempted to make an example of Dr. Sinaiko. Their attack has involved deception, misquoting the science, using anonymous witnesses, and other excesses. He was accused of practicing medicine "outside the standard of practice" and of refusing to abide by the "ladder of treatment" for ADHD, which starts with Ritalin and progresses through a list of other potent medications. He was also accused of "treating diseases that don't exist" (chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity), since California - to the delight of chemical manufacturing companies spewing their pollution into our air - intends to simply outlaw such diseases. Lamentably, their strategy has been successful so far, and Dr. Sinaiko's patients have been deprived of his services for several years now.

But this is more than one doctor's tragedy. He has been persecuted as an example and a warning to other doctors; it involves all of us and our ability to get the type of medical care we might need now and in the future. Dr. Sinaiko's patient group, the Progress in Medicine Foundation, and FAUS have brought this case to the attention of the White House Committee on Alternative Medicine, and it has been featured by the national doctors' magazine "Medical Economics" which is sent to every doctor in the country. See the article .... in fact, this has likely become the biggest and most important medical board case to come about in many years, and although Dr. Sinaiko himself has not won the right to practice medicine as he sees fit -- yet -- the case itself has changed medicine in this country.

  • Because of this case, the Medical Board of California has all new members.

  • Because of this case, the practice of medicine in California will change. The California legislature is currently considering passage of a bill that protects doctors in that state from official discipline simply because they are practicing an "alternative" treatment, or other treatment not already being widely used..

Dr. Sinaiko's appeal has recently been accepted by the Appellate Court, and will go to trial at some presently-unknown date. His lawyers need another $25,000 for this leg of the journey. If the Feingold Program or any other alternative treatment has benefited you, please consider a donation at this time. Not just for Dr. Sinaiko -- but to make a statement to the Medical Board of California and the Medical Boards of every state, that we have the right to be treated by the doctors of our choice, and with the safe and effective treatments we choose.

All donations, large or small, would be much appreciated. Please send yours to the following address:

Progress in Medicine Foundation
Medical Defense Fund
P. O. 554
Mira Loma, CA     91752



Imagine new laws that would force you to get a prescription simply in order to buy a bottle of 500 mg Vitamin C tablets. While the Feingold Association does not promote or mandate use of any vitamins, beyond listing those which meet our usual guidelines, we certainly believe in your right to use them.

As the debate over Senate Bill 722 heats up, one thing is certain - the right to use safe dietary supplements is clearly under attack. We need you to send a clear message to Washington: Congress is writing the WRONG prescription for health!

Read more about this bill. There, also, you can actually write a letter to your senator - if each of you do that, the government will receive more than 22,000 letters today. It WILL make a difference.



Sucralose (Splenda) has been touted as the new "natural" wonder-sweetener. Made from sugar, it has been marketed through health food stores as well as supermarkets and discount stores. Its calorie count is listed as "zero" on the box, and it has the unique property of being sold in bulk amounts that can be measured by the teaspoon or cup just like "real" sugar. It sounds marvelous, and many of our members have asked us if we think it is a good choice. See the splendor of this "no-calorie sweetener" at their website.

We still do not know whether Splenda has an effect on behavior, asthma, or the other symptoms our members typically face - it seems that the necessary science has simply not been done. The longest-term study we have found in MedLine was only 13 weeks, and claimed "No adverse experiences or clinically detectable effects were attributable to sucralose." See the studies we have found but notice that the majority of published studies seem to have been done by the company that makes it. Nutritionist Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN, has published an interview airing her views on the subject which we have reprinted.

If any of you have experienced a reaction to Splenda, please let us hear about it.

"Feingold" reactions aside, in personal contact with the Splenda people I have been more than disappointed. The nice lady on the phone told me that the little packets that claim to have ZERO calories actually have "just a shade under 5 calories." Their lawyers (!!) say that it is legal to say "zero" as long as there is less than 5. If you look at the bulk package, its label also says "zero" calories per teaspoon. Assuming almost-5 calories per teaspoon, that is just about 1/3 of the calories of real sugar, at 15 calories per teaspoon. See more information on sugar. This is hardly surprising considering that the "bulking" agent making Splenda measurable one-to-one like "real" sugar consists of ...... are you ready for this? ..... sugar!! Specifically, it is Maltodextrin, a dried corn syrup solid, "popped" so it is very light and takes up the space required for the equivalent sugar volume. See more information about Maltodextrin.



This enterprising website more or less accurately describes the Feingold Program and requests your opinion via a rating of its effectiveness. If you have been using the Feingold Program, go to RemedyFind and let the world know how you feel about it.



Jane Hersey, Director of the Feingold Association, will be offering one of her entertaining and educational Feingold workshops:

Workshop: "Happier Kids & Better Grades
                             -- It All Begins in the Grocery Cart"
Date:         Monday, April 26
Time:         7:00 - 9:00 pm
Where:     The Franklin Academy, building III, 1127 Chalks Road, Wake Forest NC.
Price:      FREE

Here is a flyer in case you would like to distribute this information through your school or church.



Saturday, May 8 - "Treating ADD/ADHD Without Drugs"

Seminar for parents, adults with ADD symptoms, teachers, therapists, and other professionals

Place: The McLean Bible Church, Route 7, McLean VA
Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm
Cost: $95.
To register: (800) 497-0944

Sponsored by the Developmental Delay Resources (DDR)



  • April 12, 2004 Feingold Booth at the Senior Health Fair sponsored by the Southern Vermont Medical Center's Wellness Connection At Manchester Elementary School, in Manchester, VT, at 9:00 am 12:00 pm.
    Call 802-447-5076

  • April 19, 2004 Feingold Presentation at Manchester Elementary School, 6:00 pm 8:00 pm.
    Call Kathy at 802-375-6049

  • April 27, 2004 Healthier Food for Busy People Presentation at Head Start in North Bennington, VT, 9:00 am
    Call 802-442-2420

  • Either April 26 or 30th (Date to be confirmed) Feingold Presentation at the Tinmouth School in Tinmouth, VT, 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

  • April 28, 2004 - Feingold Connection Meeting, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at St. James Church in Arlington, VT.
    Call Kathy at 802-375-6049



Best wishes and happy holidays,

Shula Edelkind
Feingold Association of the United States


Jane Hersey
Jane Hersey, Director of the Feingold Association, is the author of Why Can't My Child Behave?, Healthier Food for Busy People, and the audio tape of her workshops, What are all those funny things in food? ... and should we eat them?

Why Can't My Child Behave? Healthier Food for Busy People What are all those funny things in Food?... and should we eat them?

A graduate of Brown University, Jane Hersey worked as a teacher until the birth of her first daughter, Laura. When she and her husband, Harry, searched for answers for Laura's behavior problems and Harry's severe migraine headaches, they eventually found that the trigger for both problems was a group of synthetic food additives eliminated by the Feingold Program.

Since 1985, Mrs. Hersey has been Director of the Feingold Association, which is dedicated to helping families of children with learning and behavior problems, as well as chemically sensitive adults. She is editor of the Association's newsletter, Pure Facts, and author of Why Can't My Child Behave? and Healthier Food for Busy People, both of which have been recommended by The Washington Post. She has been a guest on many radio and television programs, including ABC's Nightline and her articles have appeared in publications such as Mothering Magazine and Welcome Home.

During the past 26 years, Mrs. Hersey has lectured at educational associations, hospitals, medical groups, and other organizations. She has been a guest lecturer at various universities and has testified before the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She helped persuade Fairfax County, Virginia school officials to start a reduced-additive school food program, which lasted several years. She frequently presents workshops at schools across the country.