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April 2007 Feingold Email Newsletter
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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

The May Pure Facts will have a special focus on babies.
  • Britain blows the whistle on illegal additives being given to babies.
  • The little vitamin that could make Big Pharma tremble. It promises to be as important as omega-3 EFAs, and maybe even more so. Babies need it, and so do people of all ages since most of us are sorely deficient.
  • A disorder called "Childhood."
  • In case your baby gets sick.
  • You won't believe who is warning about fluoride for babies!

Parents of children with ADHD are often hesitant to volunteer that they have a child with such a problem, but are hungry for information if you open the subject. On our membership forms we ask the question, "How did you hear about the Feingold diet?" Usually the new member checks off "internet search," "teacher," "doctor," or "friend or relative." And sometimes the new members writes in, under "other," as two did recently, "a person I met who had used the program with good results" and "lady in the store informed me." So -- whether you are the teacher, the doctor, the friend, the relative, or just the lady in the store, don't be shy about telling others that we are here to help. Open the subject. You can change a life.

Environmental specialist Russell Olinsky informs us that Stephen Tvedten's 1,900 page IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Encyclopedia on safe and far more effective alternatives to synthetic pesticide poisons is now complete. Called "The Best Control II," all or any of the 41 chapters can be downloaded free from the website

In an effort to reduce the pollution of the planet and all of its occupants, he is giving this copyrighted work to the world for free - with only one stipulation - that as you use these safer controls, you note where you found them.

Although we don't necessarily agree with the title of this site, the test itself is interesting and illuminating, so we have included a link to it here:

Although we have often heard from the CDC and other credible sources that vaccines are safe for all children and are not the cause of autism, not all specialists agree. As we have mentioned before, Dr. Mary Megson holds that not only is autism related to vaccine damage, but so is ADHD. In her report to Dan Burton's Government Reform Committee, she says that in the previous 9 months she had personally treated almost as many children with autism from the Richmond area alone as were reported to live in all of Virginia - which certainly casts doubt on official reporting of incidences of autism.

One of our members sent in a link to a documentary video made in Australia about vaccinations and their effectiveness. Called "Vaccination - the Hidden Truth," it will give you information from researchers in the field of vaccines, to help you make a truly informed decision about when, how, or if to give various vaccinations.

Those who choose not give their children particular vaccines - or any vaccines - often run into trouble with their school systems. Some schools claim that all children must be vaccinated and fail to tell parents about exemption possibilities. This is understandable once one realizes that there are financial pressures put upon schools to obtain the maximum percentage of fully vaccinated children. However, all states allow a medical exemption, most states offer religious exemptions, and some states even offer a philosophical exemption. Here is one website that provides some information on exemption forms for the various states:

If your school or doctor provides you with a prepared exemption or Refusal to Vaccinate form, read it carefully before signing. Some of these forms contain statements in which you admit you are putting your child at risk by your decision. This is dangerous since these forms are legal documents and can give authorities power to remove your children. So take it seriously. You may be able to get some ideas on how to handle such forms at this website, but consult a lawyer if necessary.

If someone you know is pregnant and RH-negative, they will have to be given the Rhogam vaccine - a vaccine that contains mercury. Babies born to mothers receiving this vaccine have been shown to have mercury in their bodies before ever receiving any vaccines of their own. Since mercury is a neurotoxin, obviously less is better. The good news is that mercury-free Rhogam is available in the United States from Bayer Pharmaceuticals. It used to be called BayRoh-D, but is now called Hyper Rho. You can get a list of distributors that your doctor can use to order it by calling 800-243-4153.

Have a happy, safe, spring and summer - and don't forget to use Feingold-acceptable sun lotions.