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April 2009 Feingold Email Newsletter - extra
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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

After nearly 60 years in business, the Simon Candy plant in Elizabethtown, PA is closing. Competition from inexpensive imports, rising costs, and the generally bad economy are all contributing factors. The plant will cease operations sometime in May.

Front of Barn Lollipop Tin As a result, they are clearing out all of their remaining stock, including all COLLEGE FARM organic hard candy and NATUREPOPS lollipops. For a few more weeks, we are offering all the items in our inventory at a discount of up to 75% off the suggested retail price through our selling website. This represents a one-time opportunity to stock up on our quality candies. All College Farm flavors are Feingold-accepted, certified organic, gluten free, and made with only natural colors and flavors. This is all first-quality candy with at least several months left before the "Best By" date.

For example, the NATUREPOPS Barn Tins, which sold in retail stores for $8-$10, are now just $1.99 each. The colorful metal tins, universally described as VERY CUTE, contain 20 assorted flavor lollipops, and make a great gift item. To order these or any of the College Farm Organic line, use this link: You can place an order any time day or night. The website will only be operational for a few more weeks. Naturally, quantities are limited.

Note: Feingold members should use ONLY the order page at the link above, as other pages contain candies with artificial colorings and flavorings.