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Dear Feingold Members & Friends,

[] Message From a Child on the Feingold Diet
[] Your Tired Old Car Can Be a Great Gift!
[] Integrity in Science
[] Low Levels of Lead and Cognitive Ability
[] The Environment and the Brain
[] Bad Reaction - Who You Gonna Call?
[] If You Live Outside the U.S.
[] Recipe -- Pumpkin CookiesTo Print
[] Corn Allergy? See This Alert

I am often asked whether the child will "like" the diet. Like so many things, the child's attitude will depend on the way it is presented, the parent's attitude, and the personality of the individual child, of course. The other day, however, I got a very nice note from a former child, and she gave me permission to share it with you:

"C" writes:

"I used to be a member of the Feingold diet when I was a child--for years and years--and I have to say that I'm eternally grateful. I'm graduating college now, with a degree in Education and English Literature, and I just wanted to say thank you."
You can see also what other members have written us.


Donate your old car, truck, RV or boat to the Feingold Association and not only do you get free pick up of your old vehicle (running or not) and receive a tax deduction but the proceeds help us help families. You can do this easily on line at http://www.CarDonationCharity.org

(Tell them your donation is for the Feingold Association)


The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is launching a much-needed project called

The Integrity in Science Project

They seek to safeguard science and the public welfare from the corruptive effects of industry’s influence. Conflicts of interest or “competing interests” can affect everything from government policies to scientific research to news stories. Thus, identifying and disclosing conflicts of interest — in matters related to health and the environment — is the focus of the project. Read more.



According to the May 4, 2001 Medscape Medpulse, even low levels of lead considered "safe" by most doctors can cause problems. See the article


Nearly 12 million children (17%) in the United States under age 18 suffer from one or more learning, developmental, or behavioral disabilities. Scientific research points to contamination by chemical "endocrine disrupters" in the environment that the mother is exposed to before the baby is born. This is according to Schettler in a report by Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, In Harms Way: Toxic threats to child development.

See more.

For the next generation, is there something our society can do to prevent this? It starts with the consumer--YOU and I. For our children today who may be suffering the effect of being exposed before birth to harmful chemicals, avoid exposing them to more unnecessary chemicals.

Vote with your dollar. When there is a choice in products, choose those without such chemicals.

The Feingold Association maintains a database of thousands of everyday supermarket products, both food and nonfood items, without certain chemicals: synthetic colors & flavors and the three petro-chemical preservatives called BHA, BHT, & TBHQ. Regional food lists are printed, updated regularly, and are available with membership in the organization, along with a Handbook, updates, etc.

The cost of our diet information package and 10 issues of our newsletter is $82.50 (U.S.A.) and $88.00-USD (Canada). For those of you in other countries, see www.feingold.org/english.html


Of course, if it is a life threatening reaction, call 911.

For other bad reactions to colors, flavors, or environmental chemicals, whether or not you report them to the doctor, report it to the FDA if you live in the U.S. (see numbers below)

If synthetic coloring, flavoring, or preservatives triggers problems with you or your child's health, the FDA needs to know about it. Because parents usually don't report it, the FDA thinks that only a very small percentage of children and adults are affected by food chemicals.

Even if you only suspect a connection, call the FDA's Consumer Complaint Coordinator for your state. If you would rather put your complaint in writing, ask them for the address and what information they need.

Use the numbers listed below, or see the FDA complaint information

Alabama--(615) 781-5385, ext. 123
Alaska--(425) 483-4949
Arizona--(949) 798-7701
Arkansas--(214) 655-5310, ext. 521
California (Northern)--(510) 337-6741
California (Southern)--(949) 798-7701
Colorado--(303) 236-3044
Connecticut--(781) 279-1675, ext. 188
Delaware--(215) 597-9064
District of Columbia--(410) 962-3593
Florida (Northern)--(407) 475-4717
Florida (Southern)--(305) 526-2800, ext. 916
Georgia--(404) 253-1169
Hawaii--(510) 337-6741
Idaho--(425) 483-4949
Illinois--(312) 353-7840
Indiana--(313) 226-6260, ext. 148
Iowa--(913) 752-2440
Kansas--(913) 752-2440
Kentucky--(513) 679-2700, ext. 124
Louisiana--(504) 253-4542
Maine--(781) 279-1675, ext. 188
Maryland--(410) 962-3593
Massachusetts--(781) 279-1675, ext. 188
Michigan--(313) 226-6260, ext. 148
Minnesota--(612) 334-4100, ext. 184
Mississippi--(504) 240-4511
Missouri--(913) 752-2440
Montana--(425) 483-4949
Nebraska--(913) 752-2440
Nevada--(510) 337-6741
New Hampshire--(781) 279-1675, ext. 188
New Jersey--(973) 526-6017
New Mexico--(303) 236-3044
New York (Northern)--(716) 551-4461, ext. 3171
New York (Southern)--(718) 340-7000, ext. 5725
North Carolina--(404) 253-1169
North Dakota--(612) 334-4100, ext. 184
Ohio--(513) 679-2700, ext. 124
Oklahoma--(214) 655-5310, ext. 521
Oregon--(425) 483-4949
Pennsylvania--(215) 597-9064
Rhode Island--(781) 279-1675, ext. 188
South Carolina--(404) 253-1169
South Dakota--(612) 334-4100, ext. 184
Tennessee--(615) 781-5380, ext. 123
Texas--(214) 655-5310, ext. 521
Utah--(303) 236-3044
Vermont--(781) 279-1675, ext. 188
Virginia--(410) 962-3593
Washington--(425) 483-4949
West Virginia--(410) 962-3593
Wisconsin--(612) 334-4100, ext. 184
Wyoming--(303) 236-3044
Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands--(787) 729-6728


We are aware also that much of our information is geared to the American market and American needs -- after all, most of our volunteers are Americans, and it is what we know.

Nevertheless, we also know that people in other countries will increasingly need our information, especially as the "American diet" and American Fast-Food culture is exported increasingly to other countries. If you live in a country outside the U.S., please visit www.feingold.org/english.html to see the materials we have been able to put on the Internet. The shopping guide has recently been changed, in an effort to make it more user-friendly, and we would like your input about whether it is an improvement. We encourage you to purchase Jane Hersey's book, "Why Can't My Child Behave?" as well. See more.


A member has written that when she used the Feingold diet 15 years ago, there was a pumpkin cookie recipe which she has since lost. She says her kids are grown but still miss the cookies which she cannot find anywhere:

Well, here it is, from the Feingold Cookbook for Hyperactive Children (This book is out of print at this time, but you can sometimes find it in used book shops or bookstores who can search for out-of-print books.)


2 C flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1 C butter, softened
1 C sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 C canned pumpkin
1 C chopped nuts
1 tsp vanilla

PREHEAT oven to 350
GREASE 2 baking sheets
In large bowl, SIFT flour with baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt.
In separate bowl, CREAM butter at medium speed until light
Gradually BEAT in the sugar, then the egg and pumpkin, beating till smooth
ADD flour mixture, and BEAT on low speed or by hand, until mixed.
STIR in the nuts and vanilla
DROP by rounded teaspoonfuls, about 2 inches apart, onto the baking sheets.
BAKE 12 - 15 minutes or until lightly browned.

Makes about 8 dozen.


Although corn is not eliminated either on the Feingold Program or on the gluten-free diet, some of our members are also allergic to it. Miss Roben's, a mail-order supplier of gluten-free foods, has asked us to notify all corn-allergic or corn-intolerant persons that Papadini Lentil Bean Pastas contain small or trace amounts of corn in the baking powder used to produce the pasta. We have contacted the company and verified this to be accurate. The label which currently reads "100% lentil bean flour" is to be modified shortly to reflect this.

See more information

If you are a Feingold member, make sure you periodically check the Product Alerts page in the Members Section in order not to miss any changes.

Feingold members of record (members since 1994) in the U.S. and Canada, who are in our email members database, receive email alerts as needed about product changes so that they will have such information as soon as it is available to us. If you are a member of record, but have not let me know, please write me, including your name and address so that I can verify your membership status and add you to my members email database.

New product additions to the Foodlist, however, are not available on line at this time, but are available only through the Pure Facts newsletter - if you are a member but did not renew your Pure Facts subscription, you will miss out on them.

Have a great summer.

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