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May 2009 Feingold Email Newsletter
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June Pure Facts

  • What is “Advantame” and why should we be concerned?
  • What is Cweet?
  • Sweeteners, fake and otherwise
  • Poor Baby! All the ways our babies and small children are being exposed to harmful substances.
  • Summer baking fun for kids
  • Better than Teflon!

May Pure Facts

  • Eczema – many things can cause it and many ways to help
  • Drugs for ADHD found to stop working after 2 years
  • The Super Allergy Girl Cookbook – help for allergies and gluten-free diets

April Pure Facts

  • How to work with a day care, preschool, or kindergarten
  • Is that ADHD child actually just deficient in iron?
  • Restless Leg Syndrome – does it affect your family?
  • British school food reform begins to show results!

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  • How does it feel to have a reaction?
  • Adults and food/salicylates sensitivity
  • Seniors – ways to be healthier, even when you’re older
  • Resources for help with environmental sensitivity

From the IN-box:

Last month, we had an article featuring Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld's speech to the DAN! Conference about Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in hard plastics, including the Nalgene bottles.  See the article in the April eNews. From Janet comes the following happy update:    
I wish I had known about this long ago, because I used to be out hiking or biking using my sports bottles almost every day.     

However, Nalgene is one of the companies which has stopped using BPA and has a sticker on the new bottles stating that it is "BPA Free."  Another company is Camelbak.  I don't know whether that includes their soft plastic bladders and tubes, but definitely their bottles, because I have one.

From Steve comes the following note:

Dear Shula, The new batch of Nestle Smarties candy now has the words "NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS!" listed on the boxes here in Ontario, Canada.

WONDERFUL ! WONDERFUL!... at last! I am so happy it's started here.  It makes all the emails and letters worth while.

Ask all your parents to write and say "well done" to Nestle please! 
See the link.    

While you're congratulating Nestle, they could use some advice -- according to #7 on their nice page at the above link, they appear to be unable to find a natural substitute for their artificial vanillin flavoring which is still in Smarties, making them unacceptable for Feingold families.  It really makes me wonder - have they never heard of pure vanilla?

The contact form for Canada is
The contact form for USA is

Beth George of Spelt Right Baking wrote that her award-winning spelt-based products are about to be introduced in the frozen Nature's Place section of the national supermarket chain Hannaford's in 85 stores in New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Most of their products are also available on line.

Although spelt is not gluten-free, it is often tolerated by those who are sensitive to either wheat or genetically-modified wheat (the kind used in most commercial bread). If you are still looking for answers beyond the standard Feingold changes, then this may well be a delicious way to find out if spelt helps.

In the news:

Our Feingold mom Tiffany Keckler was interviewed by Action 3 News in Omaha, and did a fabulous job!   You will see how she helps counter the idea that the diet is hard by naming so many common foods we can enjoy.  Tiffany is also one of our new speakers and will be reaching out to other families in her area.

Thanks also go to Moira Donahue at CSPI for linking us up with Carol Wang, who did a splendid job!

See the article and the video.

Compared to other shows like this, the "negative side" was quite mild.  Unfortunately, the medical professional interviewed (Dr. Joan Daughton) apparently hasn't done a search on the studies.  Or maybe she actually believes that NONE of the 39 double blind studies from major journals listed on our website are well done?  Sigh. 

Did you say "Which 39 studies?" Count them on the ADHD research page.

The double blind studies have gold stars because they are called the "gold standard" of studies, but of course there is nothing "wrong" with clinical studies, neurotoxicology studies, or retrospective studies, either. 

If you like to read reviews, I have moved all of them to a review page. You can also reach them from the main research section which you can see by clicking on the "Scientific Studies" button at top left of our home page.

Germany has banned the cultivation of GM (genetically modified) corn, arguing that the corn breed MON 810 is dangerous for the environment. But that argument might not stand up in court, and Germany could face fines totaling millions of euros if Monsanto decides to challenge the prohibition.

See the entire article including a discussion of what's wrong with GM crops and how to avoid them.

What strikes me as odd is the idea that a country can be sued for refusing to use or import something a company - any company - makes.  What kind of company FORCES people to use its products?  And here you thought TV commercials were bad enough!


For the past 30 years we have been telling parents that instead of aspirin or other salicylate-based medications, they could use Tylenol (also called acetaminophen and paracetamol) - in particular, the adult white tablets that can be crushed.  Parents would have to ask their own doctor or pharmacist how much is safe depending on their child's age.

Tylenol has long been advertized as an extremely safe drug, but now that safety has been questioned. It seems that if it is used often, continuously, or in high doses - or if more than one over-the-counter drug containing Tylenol is used at the same time - the result can be liver toxicity and death. 

Just click on this link to watch the video of an interview with Jenny Thompson of the Health Sciences Institute. It's only a few minutes long ... but those few minutes might just save your life, or the life of someone you forward it to.

And here are some other related You-Tube links about Tylenol:

Healthcare reform is a hot topic and offers the promise that everyone will be able to receive coverage in the near future. But even if such a plan is enacted there are some problems inherent in it.

Today “healthcare” is usually translated to mean medicine as the first treatment of choice. In a climate where psychotropic drugs are being given to people of all ages, including teens, children and even infants -- even when there is little justification -- will universal health care coverage mean that it will be easier to extend this questionable practice?

The typical American adult takes several medicines, and for seniors this number is multiplied as new drugs are added to address the many side effects of the first ones.

It is well-known that the US version of healthcare does not produce a healthy population, despite the fact that this country spends more money on it than any other nation. Americans are sicker, sadder and fatter than ever before. Why should we conclude that if we continue to do “more of the same” the results will be any different?

While the illness industry continues to grow larger and wealthier, there is also a growing number of people who recognize that problems have causes, and sometimes it is much more effective to remove the causes than to attempt to treat only the symptoms. This was the topic of hearings held in February, chaired by Senators Harkin of Iowa and Mukulski or Maryland.

Those offering effective, affordable solutions include Drs. Mehmet Oz, Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, and Dean Ornish. These pioneering doctors are teaching a generation of Americans that “health” is much more than just the absence of sickness and that we have far more effective tools for many problems than a prescription pad.

View here the hearings on including integrative medicine and preventive care in healthcare reform. It is a lengthy film, running 163 minutes, but well worth your time to view it.