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Dear Feingold Friends,

Just recently, I wrote about the connection between pesticides and ADHD. And you probably already know from other sources (including our research page on thyroid) that thyroid problems sometimes cause ADHD-like symptoms. Well, here's something that can give you all of the above and then some, at the same time - along with your strawberries!

Indeed, if pending legislation goes through, you might want to think twice before slicing a strawberry from California into your cereal. Not because it is a salicylate, but because if this proposal is not stopped, California officials may bow to pressure from the world's largest pesticide company to approve spraying strawberry fields with methyl iodide.

Go to Petition Not only is methyl iodide a known carcinogen that causes lung cancer by inhalation - thus putting agricultural workers and those living nearby at risk - but it is also a known neurotoxin and can damage fetal development. In studies on animals, the chemical damages thyroid gland development, often killing the babies in the last weeks of pregnancy. It is not clear what will happen to those babies who do not die, but may be born with damaged thyroid glands - a potential lifelong medical problem.

Says Paul Towers of the group Pesticide Watch, "Our interpretation of the science is that methyl iodide is unsafe at any rate for use in California. We believe California has taken a step backward in terms of protecting health and the environment."

Growers in California produce nearly half the nation's fruit, nuts and vegetables. It's important they hear as many voices as possible opposing methyl iodide.

The public can weigh in -- but only until June 14th. You can sign the petition by clicking on the button under the strawberry picture above.

Best wishes,

Shula Edelkind
Feingold Association
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