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June 2009 Feingold Email Newsletter
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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,
  • Good Morning America needs to hear from you!

Good Morning America ran a story last Monday about a family whose son was put on Adderall in 2004. Shortly after, unfortunately, it killed him, and the family is suing the drug company, based on studies showing that the drugs are dangerous.

While we know that often drugs to control ADHD are the only treatment families know of, we always feel that parents should be told about all options so that they can make an educated choice. We encourage families to try diet first because it is the least dangerous choice - as well as the least expensive.

You can see the article and its video called ADHD Drugs Linked to Sudden Death at the ABC News website.

Below the story, there is a box if you would like to post a comment (you will have to sign up first).

More important, if you have a child who was on stimulant medications but is now using the Feingold Program successfully, you can send your story directly to the editors by filling out the form on their Feedback Page.

Since your story will be limited to 2,000 characters (including spaces), you may want to write it first in Microsoft Word where you can do a Word Count (under Tools) to make sure you don't write too much. Feel free to email me a copy of your story as well, if you like, with permission to post on our website testimonials page.