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July 2006 Feingold Email Newsletter
Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

Cindy Harrell, Product Information Committee Director, has asked me to send you all the following information:

When we attempt to learn about the ingredients in a product, we often run into difficulty. Although most food companies give the impression that they welcome input from consumers and are open about what goes into their foods, the reality is sometimes quite different. Our Product Research committee has tried repeatedly to learn if the Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors that are in our Foodlist are still acceptable, but the company has refused to allow us to speak with anyone on their staff. They don't even provide an e-mail option.

We have officially filed a complaint with Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream (now owned by Dunkin' Brands), and encourage you to telephone and let them know how you feel about their behavior. In the past, we have found that your efforts in calling a company have made a huge difference. You can call them at (781) 737-3291.

Thank you for your help.