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July 2007 Feingold Email Newsletter
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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

On May 31 Feingold Director Jane Hersey was interviewed by Julie Matthews on "Reality Sandwich," which airs on KPOO-FM in San Francisco. This one-hour live interview was about how diet affects autism, as well as the Feingold Program.

You can listen to the interview here.

You can listen to other shows by Julie Mathews at her Reality Sandwich program and you can read more of what she says about the Feingold diet and other diets and nutritional approaches.

Cleure is a company that specializes in making salicylate-free personal care products and makeup. 50% of the price of items purchased through "our" page on their website will be donated to the Feingold Association, at no extra cost to you.

Not all of their products are acceptable on the Feingold Program, but a list of those that have been reviewed and accepted are listed on our donation page.

..................contributed by Zohar Edelkind, Feingold lifeguard

The chemicals in the pool are basically just chlorine. What makes your eyes red after swimming is generally the acidity in the pool. Most of the chemical tests performed by lifeguards involve acidity and chlorine content. If the pH is too high or too low, they add buffers. If the chlorine is too low, they add chlorine. If the chlorine is too high, however, the pool is supposed to be closed until the levels go down. (High chlorine levels can lead to breathing problems.)

If you or your child like to swim, an outdoor pool will be less harmful than an indoor pool, because the chlorine vapors will be able to waft away and not be contained in a small space and breathed. If, however, the pool you are considering has a very strong "chlorine" odor, it is a clue that the pH is wrong, which causes more chlorine to leave the water, or that the chlorine itself is too strong. Change your plans - play miniature golf or go to a movie, perhaps.

If you have your own pool, acceptable pool treatments are listed in your Foodlist (see "Swimming Pool Supplies" in the Index). You can also call Earth Science Laboratories at 1-800-257-9283 or see their web site.

About-dot-com has a good article on swimming pools and alternative pool treatments such as Ozone generators. Find out more (this is a multi-page article, and Ozone is discussed on Page 3).

With more than 30 years in the pest control business, Steve Tvedten has researched and applied the methods of safe pest management successfully in over 350 schools. His books are provided on the Internet for free. He gives step-by-step directions for using common household items and other safe methods of pest problem solving that can be used to discourage and rid yourself of many of your worst pests.

See his site map loaded with information and resources.

You may also enjoy reading Control Tips on a Few Common Pests from his book, "The Bug Stops Here."

About 25 years ago, a day care teacher told me she had noticed that in the school sandbox not all the children were equally bothered by mosquitoes. She claimed that those children who were taking extra Vitamin B did not get mosquito bites.

My search for research to bring you on this subject was disappointing. I found reference to a study in 1969 at the Pediatric Clinics of North America which suggested that taking 25 mg to 50 mg three times per day is effective in reducing mosquito bites. In MedLine, I found studies that say it doesn't work for people, but they did not say how much (or which kind) of vitamin B they used. I found research that tried to show whether vitamin B repels mosquitoes from mice, which concluded that mosquitoes don't like mice much anyhow, with or without the vitamin.

In short, there are claims for the benefits of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) as a deterrent to mosquitoes, along with the warning that it may take two weeks or so to notice the benefit because the body uses thiamine and it is only the excess vitamin that is excreted through the skin to produce the mosquito-repelling odor (which only female mosquitoes can smell). This is the basis for advertisements by companies selling Vitamin B1 patches, which are purported to work immediately. MedLine is peculiarly lacking in good studies on the subject, so I cannot tell you whether it will work. Nevertheless, since Vitamin B1 has other benefits, it may not hurt to increase your intake during the hot weather.

Other Benefits of Vitamin B1 (thiamine):

Thiamine helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fat to produce energy. It is essential for normal growth and development and helps to maintain proper functioning of the heart and the nervous and digestive systems. It is water-soluble and is not stored in the body.

Thiamine is found naturally in the following foods, alphabetically: Bananas, Beans, Beef, Breads, Cereals (whole grain or enriched), Legumes, Liver, Nuts, Peas, Pork, Rice (unpolished), Soybeans, Spinach, and Yeast.

Low thiamine can be caused by poor diet, alcoholism, or even too much tea and coffee (high in anti-thiamine factors).

The RDA for thiamine in most countries is set at about 1.4 mg. However, tests on volunteers at daily doses of about 50 mg have shown an increase in mental sharpness.

In 2002, Derrick Lonsdale published a successful pilot study on the treatment of autism with thiamine. 8 of the 10 children improved clinically, and an increase was noted in the excretion of a variety of metals in their urine. You may see the entire study here (requires password).

..............contributed by Russell Olinsky, Environmental Specialist

Accurate ingredient labeling is always a concern to Feingold families. We are unhappy to hear that nuts treated as follows are expected to continue being labeled "raw."

Beginning September 1, the U.S. government is requiring that all California almonds be subject to pasteurization in response to two reports of salmonella presence. This includes either superheating them (possibly causing destruction of vitamins and other nutrients), or subjecting them to spraying with propylene oxide (PPO), a suspected carcinogen.

From Wikipedia, "Propylene oxide is a highly toxic flammable chemical compound. It was once used as a racing fuel, but that usage is now prohibited under the U.S. National Hot Rod Association rules for safety reasons. It is also used in thermobaric weapons. It is an epoxide."

Many vegetarians are furious. There are exemptions for small sales. Some businesses say they'll import raw almonds from Spain or other countries to bypass the requirement. See some links below:

Almond Board action plan: (claiming that the "mandated" ruling is "voluntary."

The Mandate itself

Petition by people who like their almonds untreated

Associated Press article

For those of you who are new to Feingold, almonds are Stage Two, so you won't be eating them anyway right now. When you are ready to re-introduce them, do try to find some that are not sprayed, since what this chemical will do to you or your child is currently unknown. Feel free to let us know if you do have experience with sprayed almonds.

................excerpted from the National Vaccine Information Center newsletter of July 9, 2007

The CDC acknowledges that 1 in 150 children in the U.S. is autistic. British autism researchers this week confirmed that the rate of autism in Great Britain has risen to 1 in 58 children. Assuming that the child populations studied in the U.S. and Britain are comparable, it suggests that autism is either three times more prevalent in Britain than in the U.S. or that the prevalence of autism among American children is grossly underestimated.

Although much of the focus about vaccine risks in the U.S. during the past six years has centered on the mercury preservative, thimerosal, in Britain the vaccine safety debate has focused on children who have regressed after receiving MMR vaccine. With so little basic science research into the biological mechanisms of vaccine injury and death or genetic co- factors, there are large gaps in scientific knowledge about the way vaccines act singly or in combination in the human body to cause brain and immune system dysfunction in young children. It is still too early to conclude that one vaccine ingredient or one combination of live virus vaccines are solely responsible for autism increases among children.

With so many unanswered scientific questions about why and how vaccines cause harm to certain children, all scientific inquiries should be welcomed and no hypothesis should be dismissed before it is thoroughly explored.

................excerpted from the National Vaccine Information Center newsletter of July 9, 2007

Andrew Wakefield is essentially being tried by his peers in Britain for daring to explore the politically incorrect hypothesis that the MMR vaccine may be associated with the development of regressive autism in some children. His refusal and the refusal of two of his colleagues to recant their scientific findings in order to save their license to practice medicine should be cherished by all who believe in freedom of thought and speech.

The spectacle that this British Medical Inquisition is creating for the world to see will have repercussions far beyond the three martyrs it will make. The people are not stupid and they will not soon forget that medical doctors inside and outside of the British government so feared one man's scientific discovery about vaccination that they felt they had no choice but to destroy him and anyone who stands with him.

Whatever the avenging vaccinologists in Great Britain do to Andrew Wakefield and his brave colleagues will not wipe away the sickening reality that one of the most highly vaccinated child populations in the world is also among the most disabled, with 1 British child in 58 suffering with autism or autism spectrum disorder.

--- Petition
Those of you who have been with the Feingold Association for several years will remember the case of the California Medical Board against our Dr. Robert Sinaiko. Dr. Sinaiko had studied under Dr. Feingold, and besides being a strong advocate for the Feingold Program, he was an international-known immunologist specializing in chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical sensitivity. He was a pioneer in the use of the dramatically successful Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD) treatment in the United States. (See more about EPD.)

The California Medical Board accused him of advocating the Feingold diet, diagnosing and treating chemical sensitivity (a disease that they claim does not exist), and for using the allergy treatment EPD. Basically, the Medical Board claimed that they were "drawing the line" between conventional and alternative treatments, and they defined "alternative" as "everything that Dr. Sinaiko does." After 12 years of persecution, he won the battle, although he lost much. His case changed medical history in California, in that doctors can no longer be attacked solely because they use "alternative" treatments, although EPD remains unavailable in the U.S.

Now Dr. Wakefield is on trial, and their accusations sound eerily familiar. What has he said that has so enraged the authorities? Basically, he actually LOOKED into the bowels of children with autism who have GI problems and he SAW what the parents knew all along -- that these children are physically sick. Unfortunately, the germ involved happens to come from the measles vaccine which takes up residence in the gut of these children -- but this is a politically dangerous thing to say. Whether it is true or not, makes no difference. Whether this condition is related to the child's subsequent inability to handle the mercury in other vaccines, or whether difficulty with mercury predisposes the child to develop this problem in their gut is not known. And if the politically-savvy doctors and organizations have their way, we will never know, because nobody will study it.

If you wish, you may sign a petition set up by one of Dr. Wakefield's supporters. As of this writing, there are almost 10,000 signatures.

You may also want to get the National Vaccine Information Center's email newsletter directly.

You can download and listen to Dr. Wakefield himself speaking on Intestinal Pathology in Autism: The State of the Science by going to the October, 2006 Seattle DAN! Conference and scrolling down to find it.

Have a happy, safe, summer - and don't forget to use Feingold-acceptable sun lotions - and hats - but get some sunshine for the Vitamin D too.