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Addition to August 2008 Feingold Email Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Your efforts have made a difference!

Thanks to the large number of phone calls and e-mail messages you sent, we have been contacted by two executives at The Hain-Celestial Group and they have agreed to fill out our inquiry forms.

We are starting out with a dozen of the foods that are of greatest concern to us; Hain will then go on to complete additional forms for both new and current products.

Apparently some of you who called in were told by people in the customer relations office that they have never heard of the Feingold Association and were never contacted by us. This was corrected, and later calls were handled differently.

This is a very gratifying outcome for Feingold families and for our staff. The product research committee has been trying to accomplish this since 1999, and we have become increasingly concerned as more and more small companies have been acquired by Hain. The Hain-Celestial Group is rapidly becoming the major supplier of healthy (often organic) foods, so it is likely that more and more of the products we use in our kitchens will come from them. We are excited at the prospect of having a good working relationship with this company and of continuing to expand our choices.

We will be keeping you posted in coming e-mail messages as Hain completes forms on more of our favorite products. ... and thank you! Your voice has been heard.