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One of our own
is headed for the

Story below

Ryan & Kiley

He's 14 years old, and she's almost 11.

He's Ryan Smethers, grandson of long-time Feingold volunteer Colleen Smethers, and she's his partner, Kiley Boynton.

Together, they went from Level 1 to Level 10 in less than five months, and are now at the Junior Elite level of acrobatic gymnastics.

In July 2009, the pair competed at the Freedom Cup and also the Junior Olympics - both held in St. Paul, MN - for the first time. They won Silver Medals in both events.

In August they were chosen to join the US Gymnastics Team - in their category they are the only ones representing the United States in international competitions including the World Championship.

Just last week, they have been invited to appear on the America's Got Talent show.

Ryan has been doing gymnastics since October 2005, when he began learning trampoline and tumbling at the local recreation center because Little League Baseball didn't work out.

In February of 2008 he transferred to a new gym to study under the world-famous Russian coach, Youri Vorobyev. See more about the gym here.

He has just started his Freshman year at Patriot High School in Glen Avon, CA. Besides school work, he trains five nights a week, three hours at a time, and prior to an important competition will have two 3-hour sessions a day.

See more photos and YouTube videos of their competitions.

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Halloween is coming!

If you are new to the Feingold Program, Halloween may seem like an overwhelming hurdle - but take heart, don't give up, and you and your little ones can all have a good time.

Check out home page where you can watch Rocky’s YouTube about her family's “Best Halloween Ever” and then click on the black cat to see our Halloween Survival Tips. Scroll down that page for some ideas for natural Halloween candies, as well.

More candy than you could ever need is listed in your Foodlist book - but don’t forget that candies are listed under “Desserts” in the Table of Contents.

Last but not least, the Squirrel’s Nest has Halloween candy available for you. You can order it from October 10 through October 20, so hurry and call 302-378-1033. . . If you need Stage One candies, talk to Nancy who will know which items are okay for Stage One . . . “One call, that’s all” as the guy in the awful lawyer’s ad here says.

There is also still time to get your Halloween T-shirt or tote bag from the (Cafe Press) FeingoldShop. See them all

Tricks and Treats anyone?


Celiac, The Tricky Disease

bread Celiac Disease (CD) is a disorder in the digestion of wheat protein that has been with us ever since the dawn of agriculture, yet its cause was not discovered until after World War II, when a shortage of bread caused a dramatic improvement in the condition of people who had been suffering from this “chronic indigestion.” At last – after thousands of years of suffering, illness and death - the cause and the cure were both identified.

Today, doctors realize that many more people have CD than they thought. In fact, 99% of them are not diagnosed. They may not have the abdominal distress, which is the symptom that usually leads to consideration of CD. Instead, CD can mimic other disorders. In a recent campaign, the National Institutes of Health urged doctors of all specialties to watch for celiac disease by looking beyond the outdated textbook symptoms of CD (stomach pain, bloating, weight loss and diarrhea) and be aware of symptoms including mouth sores, anemia, constipation, migraines, ADHD, fatigue, yellow teeth, short stature, depression, obesity, seizures, skin rashes and joint pain, or numbness in the hands and feet.

See two excellent articles on the subject: "Surprises from Celiac Disease" by Alessio Fasano and "Gluten for Punishment" by Dia Darcey


Some people on the Feingold Program use a combination of diet and medication. One of the more common drugs for ADHD is Concerta. The good news is that the sources of the coloring for the various dosages are "uncertified" colors - colors which are acceptable on the Feingold diet.

But the bad news is that the formulation includes BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), a petroleum-based preservative that we exclude.

While a compounding pharmacist cannot make the specialized delivery system Concerta uses for its once-a-day dosing, they can make dye-free and preservative-free versions of methyhlphenidate. You should be able to locate such a pharmacist through the web site of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. Alternatively, you could ask your physician for a different medication, such as Methylin or Methylin ER (extended release). This is a brand of methylphenidate without artificial colorings or preservatives.

If you are new to the Program, or just considering the Program but are already using Concerta, I would encourage you to begin using the Feingold Diet even while on the Concerta. Some families find that they can combine the two and still have positive results. Of course, there is no way to predict this, but getting rid of as many of the harmful additives as you can is a good idea for anyone, and it's possible that you will see a good response.


New ad campaign to tackle 'viral urban myths' about HFCS

Note that although not even introduced until the mid-1970s, by 2005 corn syrup was consumed at the same level as sugar in the US. In the UK, today, however, corn syrup is not used and sodas are made with sugar.
The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has launched a new advertising campaign in an effort to dispel consumer misconceptions about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

So who is the CCF anyway? A nonprofit group dedicated to "defending the rights of adults to eat what they want" according to Wikipedia. They are funded by the food and restaurant industry, and were first organized in 1995 by the Philip Morris Tobacco Company which owns many of the major U.S. food companies. What? You're not surprised?

See their article anyway.

Now corn syrup is not one of the items eliminated on the Feingold diet, but all products that contain it are labeled with a code (CS) in the Feingold Program Foodlist & Shopping Guide, so that those who must avoid it, and those who prefer to avoid it, can more easily do so. See more about corn syrup at Page 36 of our "Blue Book" which is linked here for your convenience.

"Smart Choices" - adapted from article by

Smart Choices Logo A proposed marketing program, called "Smart Choices," is a front- of-the-package nutrition-labeling program designed in theory to help shoppers make smarter food choices.

Froot Loops But as the New York Times exposed recently, the selections are not necessarily healthy. For example, Froot Loops was chosen because "it's better for you than donuts."

Despite the program's dubious standards, it maintained the appearance of legitimacy because researchers associated with the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association and two universities were on its board.

When thousands of members sent letters to the presidents of these major institutions urging them to remove their name from the program, three of them did so. Thus, they publicly embarrassed and discredited the program. A doctor from Baylor university apparently still has his name listed as supporting this program. The petition is still active, and if you would like to participate go here.

Congratulations to all of you who might also be members of!

Crafty Doings at Kraft

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese In 2008, Kraft removed artificial colorings, like yellow #5, and chemical sweeteners, like aspartame, from the products that they distribute in Britain and Europe, due to consumer concern over scientific studies that link these synthetic ingredients to hyperactivity and asthma in children. But they haven’t done the same thing here in the U.S.

Send a letter to Kraft requesting they remove these same ingredients from their products here. It's time that Kraft value our children as highly as they value the children in other countries!

Here's the link to the suggested letter and easy form, provided by

Next Month in PURE FACTS:

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