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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

It has been brought to our attention that in our October Pure Facts, the website for a new item was printed incorrectly. L'Bri Pure n' Natural Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion is a newly accepted Stage Two product (SB, cucumber, tea). The correct website listing is

If you are new to the list, go to our Halloween page where you will find a list of candies you can buy, and suggestions on how you can avoid the Halloween Hangover. You may also find some ideas at the enews archives which you can scan for previous articles about Halloween.

In the last email, I recommended College Farm's Naturepops which are now available in Halloween colors - orange and "black" (chocolate). They can be purchased on line. As pointed out by one of our members, however, these candies are being sold online through which also carries many candies that are not acceptable. Read the ingredient lists carefully before purchasing from their site.

One of our members came up with an unusual idea - cards that can educate as well as hold your candy offering. See them here -- you can print them on card stock or other paper. They can be used in two ways:
  1. Cut out each picture card to make four "cards" from each page, and tape your natural candy on the back. This works very well for lollipops, small raisin boxes, etc.

  2. Cut out the top two and bottom two, using the "outside" lines. Then fold along the line between the pictures and tape the edges to make a little packet with a different picture on each side. Put your candies inside the packet and tape it closed. This makes two packets per page, perfect for smaller-size candies.

-- Excerpted from article in

The day after Halloween, students at Milton Elementary in Milton, Delaware, will have the opportunity to exchange their Halloween treats and candy for a more eco-friendly/healthier bag of goodies, including snacks from Bella's Cookies, Newman's Own Organics and more. It is a new program called "Green Halloween."

The concept of Green Halloween is to think creatively and earth-friendly. When giving or receiving treats, parents and children are urged to look for ones without ingredients known to pose health dangers, and to remember that trinkets and treasures are enjoyed by children as much as candy.

The day after Halloween, MES students will have the opportunity to exchange their conventional treats and candy for a "Green Halloween" bag. "The purpose of these bags is to offer children something different, little things that children enjoy and treats made without certain ingredients," said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies). When Bella's Cookies approached Milton Elementary School with the idea, the school was quick to say yes. "This program fits nicely into what we're working on with our health curriculum" said Sheila Baumgardner (Principal of Milton Elementary School) "we're eager to participate and to have another opportunity to spread the word on health to children and families." The rules of the exchange are simple: students must turn in 2 pounds of candy. In addition to themselves, Bella's has contacted and secured commitments from several businesses participating in this year's bags: Newman's Own Organics, T.S. Smith & Son, DSWA and the Good 4 U Natural Market. A letter will go home in student's folders explaining the importance of the event and asking for their child's participation.

Bella's Cookies is an organic and vegan bakery specializing in all natural & organic, vegan, and gluten free cookies. More information about Bella's Cookies or Green Halloween can be found online or by calling 302-684-8152. These cookies are not (yet) listed in the Feingold Foodlists, but they are undergoing research as I write. Watch for them in future Product Information Updates in your Pure Facts.

Yes indeed. Check out ideas for your own "Green Halloween" at

Have a happy and safe holiday,