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December 2008 Feingold Email Newsletter
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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

Ministers have backed a ban on six food additives linked to hyperactivity in children.

It follows research that found children became hyperactive when fed a cocktail of additives used in hundreds of products. (Note: They may be used in hundreds of products in the UK, but they are used in THOUSANDS of products in the US.)

Scientists argued many could be protected from developing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - which can blight entire school careers - if the chemicals were removed from food.

In April, the FSA [British Food Standards Agency] recommended to ministers a voluntary industry ban should be implemented by the end of next year.

The FSA said it will be writing to food companies shortly to find out what steps they are taking.

Failure by the food industry to fall into line would see the Government pursue a full-blown legal ban throughout the EU.

Excerpted from the article by Sean Poulter of the Daily Mail.


The Center for Science in the Public Interest has been continuing to go after legislators and others in an effort to raise interest in banning the food dyes in the U.S., as England and Europe are already doing.

A while ago they asked for input through their website about what these dyes actually do to your children (or yourself). They have not received the number of responses they hoped for, and have asked me to remind everybody to see their article or go directly to their page about their effort and click on the large blue "REPORT YOUR CHILD'S SENSITIVITY TO FOOD DYES HERE" to go to the form.

Although the form only has room for information about one child, I found that after submitting the first one, I simply hit my BACK button and filled it out for the next. And the next.


Pure Facts is the newsletter for the Feingold Association, published 10 times a year. We have begun an archive for the older issues, starting in 1981. I have been scanning them, but must confess that what slows me down is not my equipment, but that even these old articles are so very interesting that I just have to stop and read them again.

Eventually, these articles should be indexed in our site search engine, but in the meantime feel free to begin to browse the newsletters. So far I have uploaded most of them from 1981 through 1989, but please check back often to see the "new" ones as the archive grows.

Any article you like may be copied or reprinted. When you reprint, please use the following acknowledgement: Reprinted from Pure Facts, the newsletter of the Feingold Association of the US,

One word of caution: When products are mentioned, however, cross-check with your current Foodlist, since some products that were acceptable 20 years ago are no longer acceptable because of ingredient changes over time.


[ ] STEVIA . . . and the Holy Grail?
After years of trying to do away with Stevia altogether (see article), the FDA is about to allow Coca Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. to use it themselves to develop new no-calorie sodas.

Suddenly, this much-beleaguered little herb is being called the "gold standard of sweeteners" by Paul Block, CEO of Merisant Co., which also manufactures Equal. Not to be outdone, Coca-Cola's chief financial officer, Gary Fayard, recently called it the "Holy Grail."

See the whole article.


Nancy Pazdera wrote to let us know that she has used an article written by our National Director, Jane Hersey, at her new allergy site, Project Allergy.

If you or your family suffers from allergies, you may find other help on this site as well. See her nicely-done home page.


The owners of (Miss Roben's) and BB's Bagels and Bread of Frederick, MD, are combining their resources and industry knowledge to further expand the gluten-free and allergy-friendly bakery line and bring the familiar, well-loved but often lacking, chew and softness back to bakery breads, a challenge in this arena. Fresh baked breads, cakes, and other desserts, as well as the Miss Roben's mix line are expected to be in the store soon. Plans are also underway to bring other unique, quality GF items to the store and provide a centralized resource for hard-to-find items for those with Celiac Disease.

For more information call or email Jay Berger at 301-665-9582 or You can get directions to the café in Frederick, MD, or buy online items nationally. Their website is also linked to our Resources Page.


Spangler's Candy Company just contacted us to say that they are going to discontinue their white Christmas Candy Canes. They have only 140 boxes left, after which they will no longer make them.

If you want them, go to their page on their website and count down 7 pictures until you come to the box of blue canes called "Traditional Candy Canes or Cane Classics." Under the picture there are several links. The one you want is "Peppermint W #77933" - you can see the picture if you click on it. In the little box that says "Pick Your Flavor" make sure you choose "Peppermint All White."

They will discontinue the natural candy canes because, according to the company spokesperson, they have not sold well. Perhaps if it was easier to find them and the public was aware of them, they might have sold many more!

If you are a fan of Spangler's white peppermint candy canes and want to contact the company to let them know, you may call them at 419-636-4221 or 888-636-4221 or email them at


Leslie & Rick Wyles of Sammamish/Issaquah, WA are interested in meeting other Feingold families. You may write them at


Over the past couple of months AT&T began to block our email newsletter for all those people using the various email domain names that they handle, including,,,,, and This resulted in those email addresses being dropped from our mailing list automatically. They have apologized and whitelisted us now, but I have no way to contact those who had signed up for the email newsletter and are not receiving it. If you happen to have a friend in this situation, please let them know that if they subscribe again, they should be able to receive their newsletters now.

I receive bounced email sometimes that appear to have been sent from me to nonexistent email addresses selling watches, strange medications, pornographic materials, etc. I worry that some of you may actually receive similar emails that appear to be from me. There are malicious programs out there that take email addresses off websites (such as, Change@feingold, etc.) and use them as the "from" email for nastygrams. If you receive any such emails that appear to be from me or from, please DO NOT OPEN THEM. They ARE NOT FROM ME.


Our September eNewsletter contained an article about the dangers of inhaling Dust Off, a brand of compressed air used for cleaning computers. One of our readers has written that Dust Off now contains a bitter chemical to discourage inhalent abuse. Some of the knock-offs, however, may not.


The Human Ecology Action League (HEAL) has moved from their former office. The new address is:

PO Box 509
Stockbridge GA 30281
(770) 389-4519

They are the primary group that helps adults with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). They are listed as a resource in our Handbook.


In January, you will be getting two special eNewsletters - one about the May 2009 conference on Tourette's, Tics, OCD and Depression, and another about the big diet-related changes happening right now in Britain and Europe, and how you can be a part of it.


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