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December 2008 Extra Feingold Email Newsletter
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Dear Feingold Association Members & Friends,

Our nation faces enormous problems and challenges. But there are families and professionals around the country who have already found effective solutions for many of them, and the answers are often both simple and inexpensive.

Health care, poor school performance, criminal behaviors, childhood epidemics like ADHD, OCD, PDD, autism, asthma many people can be helped by identifying harmful substances that are contributing to their problems and removing them; more can be done by identifying deficiencies and addressing them.

  • Some of the causative factors include: exposure to heavy metals, petroleum-based food additives, environmental toxins like pesticides, and sometimes less obvious substances like dairy products or wheat.

  • Health-enhancing additions include: nourishing food, essential fatty acids, various vitamins, vision and auditory training.

Our local and national governments do not need to throw more money at the problems, but to take a look at the solutions that already exist; most are very inexpensive. Please see the Message to Send to Our New Leaders for more information, contact links, etc.

Meanwhile, we hope that you will forward this message to your family, friends, to Internet blogs, and to those on your e-mail address list. We hope you will visit the link above where you can obtain more information about how to forward this message to people who are in a position to influence policy and bring about solutions.

Thank you.