What are all those funny things in food?
      ... and should I eat them?
by Jane Hersey
CD of an introductory workshop for friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, and you

FAUS now offers an audio CD that explains the diet/behavior connection in a simple, basic way.

This is a CD of the workshop that takes the listener on an entertaining safari though the supermarket jungle. It tells how to find the good foods in the supermarket - and at the good prices.

There are three important points brought out in this workshop:

  1. Things you eat can affect the way you behave, how you feel and your ability to function.

  2. You can continue to eat most of the things you enjoy.

  3. The secret is in knowing which versions of your favorite foods are O.K.

If you have wanted to find a simple way to share your excitement about the Program with others, this is what you have been waiting for. It is designed to provide a very basic understanding about how the food we select can affect us.

The workshop tells secrets the food industry doesn't want us to know. It's an eye-opener that shows consumers a new way to look at familiar foods (and the money involved in marketing them).

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