Healthier Food for Busy People
20 little rules to help you navigate the supermarket Jane Hersey

This little book takes an irreverant look at some of the worst of what is in the supermarket, and tells you how to find the best.

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You may want to be healthier and feel better. You know that food is an important part of the picture but are not sure where to begin.

Much of the advice you find in books and on the internet is confusing and conflicting.

Here is a simple, funny, little book that describes what we have learned from the Feingold Program:    you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods while you skip the harmful additives. You really can have it all!

This book is Step Number One. It does not embody the Feingold Program. It is not a treatment for ADHD, asthma, or any other symptom, although what you will learn here will help you if you do decide to take Step Two and put your family on the Feingold Program.

This book is also a must-read for every teenager learning how to do their own shopping as an independent person. It teaches them how to find the best products with the most nutrition for their money, and how to make the best choices among available items.

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Jane Hersey

Jane HerseyAuthor of Why Canít My Child Behave? Jane Hersey has almost 30 years of experience in helping families dealing with hyperactivity and ADD. Her area of expertise is non-medical treatments, her main interest being in diet. In her position of editor of Pure Facts, she pursues information on cutting-edge as well as family-tested therapies.