Ecology of Disease, Vol. 1, Nos. 2/3. p. 199, 1982.
Pergamon Press Ltd., Printed in Great Britain

Ben Feingold true to his nature spent his last energies in passing on his knowledge and ideas to others. We are both honoured and humbled that he considered our new journal worthy of his last efforts, for not only did he prepare this work for publication in Ecology of Disease, he did it knowing it was to be his last. He had previously joined our Editorial Board and gave freely, as he always did, of his time and experience.

Ben was a good physician, a fine allergist, and perhaps above all, a pioneer of great courage. In 1973 he told a startled audience at the American Medical Association about his theory that hyperactivity in children may be linked to certain colour additives in food and drink - many were the sceptics and the food and drug industry rounded on him sharply. Not deterred, he continued with his studies and showed both by research and remedial treatment that his theory warranted serious thought if not outright acceptance. The results of his treatment were too stunning to be ignored for long - hitherto hyperactive children became calm and attentive when put on the Feingold Diet. Ben was not able to win over all the sceptics but parents thought better and formed the Feingold Association of the United States and recommended the diet throughout the country at meetings of affiliated groups.

In the same year that he delivered his paper to the American audience he spoke of his ideas in London at the Man/Food Equation Symposium. It was at that meeting that I first met Ben and his wife Helene. From the start of our friendship he showed his generosity by his gentle but firm encouragement to me during the period when this journal was just a germ of idea. Although not well, Ben was always willing to help out. He will be missed, but there are a lot of "Feingold" parents and their children who will remember him with us.