How Product Research Is Done


Feingold Program FoodlistWhen the Product Information Center (PIC) of the Feingold Association receives a product research request, whether by mail or email, the product is first checked to see if research on the product has been attempted within the past year. If not, an Inquiry Form is sent to the manufacturer along with information about the Feingold Program and the needs of its members. This form asks about the presence of artificial colors, artificial flavors, and the preservatives BHA, BHT and TBHQ. Along with these questions, we ask about a variety of other additives and all ingredients in both the product and its packaging.

When a completed Inquiry Form is received, it is reviewed for accuracy and if the product is acceptable, the product is listed in the Pure Facts and added to the appropriate Feingold regional Foodlist & Shopping Guide,the Supplement Guide or the Mail Order Guide. Information on unacceptable products is maintained at the PIC office for future reference.

When sending research requests, please make sure to record the product information exactly as it is on the package making sure to include the complete product name, flavor and ingredients. This is very important, because it provides a check against what the manufacturer sends us and prevents confusion of similar products.

Requests with incomplete information cannot be processed.

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