Re-Checking an "Old" Product

Sometimes a product's ingredients change. If you see a product that suddenly claims to be "New & Improved," be suspicious. If a product that used to contain "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" suddenly says "No TransFats," be suspicious. In this case, the oil that they substitute for the partially hydrogenated oil may contain TBHQ - and they will probably not say so on the ingredient label.

For another example, the manufacturer of a fruit drink may prefer to use more of a cheaper fruit juice such as apple juice, and less of the more expensive juice such as cranberry. They must then color the product so that it will look like it did before. Such coloring should appear on the label in one of several ways:

  • "Color added" or even "artificial coloring" may or may not be a synthetic coloring (e.g., iron oxides are an added coloring but they are not eliminated on the Program)

  • "Carmine" is a natural red or pink coloring made from an insect. It is usually well tolerated, and it is allowed on the Feingold Program, but some people are allergic to it (also, it is neither kosher nor vegetarian, if that information is important to you).

  • Of course, a color with a number (e.g., "Red 40") is always unacceptable.

Check ingredients periodically on products you use regularly. If you notice a change in ingredients or packaging - or if you or your child has repeated reactions to a particular product even if there is no change in the ingredient list - please notify us, by using the product recheck form or send email to

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