Feingold Program Materials




Handbook (115 pages)

  • This book is delivered immediately as a PDF document

  • Color pictures

  • You can search the PDF book using your computer
  • This book is delivered by the Post Office as a paperback book

  • B&W pictures

  • You can write notes on the pages

Foodlist & Shopping Guide
(approximately 400 Pages)

See Inside

  • You will receive FOUR updated books: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

  • You can search the PDF book using your computer

  • You can click on the Table of Contents to go to specific sections

  • You will receive ONE paperback book per year

  • You can write notes on the pages

  • You can highlight products you like and cross out those you don't

Mail Order Guide Book (listing of names, websites, and phone numbers of hard-to-find products)

  • This is now part of the Foodlist & Shopping Guide book

  • You can click on the links to go directly to product websites

  • This is provided as a separate printed book

  • In 2014, it will be included in the Foodlist & Shopping Guide book.

Fast Food Guide Book

  • Provided as a 40-page
    PDF document.

  • It is emailed to you every year when updated.

  • One printed book is included in your package.

  • The PDF document is also emailed to you once a year when updated.

Pure Facts Newsletter
(10 issues/year includes monthly product updates)

See Archives

  • Delivered as a PDF document

  • Delivered as a PDF document.

  • This newsletter can be delivered as a paper newsletter (B&W) if requested.
Can I transfer the books to my notepad or smart phone?
What can I do if I want the paper books but I ALSO want the 4 updated PDF Foodlists a year?

  • Buy the Paper Program and also buy an extra PDF Foodlist


  • Buy the PDF Program and also buy an extra Paperback Foodlist.
Can I decide to buy the extra paper or PDF Foodlist later?

  • YES, as a member you can buy any individual part of the Program at any time.
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Last update 07/11/2013