• Eating Out on a Special Diet - reprint from Pure Facts, June 1996

  • The Fast Food Guide is periodically updated, reprinted, and distributed in Pure Facts. Most of the restaurant chains are American at this time.

    The restaurants listed in the Fast Food Guide are selected because (1) they provide detailed information on the ingredients in their menu selections, and (2) they have a good selection of items our members can enjoy.

    Many restaurant chains may not be willing or able to provide detailed information on all of the ingredients they use, but might be able to create a meal selection that meets our needs -- if they only knew what we needed. You can help to make it happen!

    • Print this form letter on your own stationery
    • Fill in the appropriate restaurant name and address from the list of addresses
    • Address the letter to "Nutrition Director" - the person in the company who is most likely to be receptive to your request.
    • Include your name and address if you want to get a response.
    • Give copies of the letter and the list of restaurant addresses to friends and relatives who also want to be able to enjoy fast food without unnecessary additives. Encourage them to also write to restaurants they would like to go to.

    We hope that numerous letters from consumers (that's you) will stimulate these companies to make the small changes that can put them in the next edition of our Fast Food Guide.

    Please send us copies of any replies you receive - both positive and negative. They can be sent to

    FAUS Fast Food
    P.O. Box 6058
    Williamsburg, VA 23188
    Thank you!