Dear Nutrition Director,

My family would like to be able to eat at your restaurant, but first we need your assistance. Some of our family members require the Feingold Program, a diet that has improved their health. The Program eliminates several groups of food additives:

  • Synthetic food dyes (such as FD&C Yellow No. 5, Red 40, etc.)
  • Artificial flavorings (including vanillin)
  • Synthetic sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, cyclamates)
  • Three preservatives: BHA, BHT, TBHQ, whether in the food or a component of the food, such as cooking oil.
(For details on the Feingold Program, please see or call (757) 229-2838)

Could you assist me by identifying any food choices available at your restaurant that would conform to this program?

I understand that it can be difficult to provide precise information as you may purchase ingredients from many different suppliers. I also realize that it is not possible to guarantee that a customer will not inadvertantly consume a trace amount of an item. I do not expect this degree of precision. However, I believe that, with some guidance, my family can enjoy eating at your restaurant.

If you do not now have any selections that conform to these guidelines, please consider making a few adjustments to some of the items on your menu. I am sure that there are many other consumers who would also consider it an advantage to avoid the above-listed additives.

Thank you for your consideration,

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