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and Salicylates

People with fibromyalgia who are being treated with the medicine guaifenesin must avoid using salicylate-containing products on their skin. Most food items are not much of a problem for them (although some like to avoid the usual salicylate-containing foods anyhow) because in this case the problem is not one of sensitivity; rather, the chemical absorbed directly into the blood through the skin blocks the medication directly. Salicylate eaten and processed by the liver before being allowed into the blood does not appear to have that problem. Because it is difficult to find salicylate-free personal care products, a fibromyalgia patient, Andrea Rose, developed a line called Personal Basics by Andrea Rose (www.andrearose.com). In addition to being free of salicylate, most of the products are also free of the additives we eliminate, and many of them are included in the Stage One section of the Mail Order Guide which you receive with your membership Program materials.

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Updated: 3/3/2010