Testimony to the White House Commission on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Policy.
Sandy Ehrenkranz,

I am a person with ADHD, the mother of a highly successful son with ADHD and grandmother to his child with ADHD. My family has successfully implemented the Feingold Elimination Diet and find that it results in a significant improvement in ADHD and its co-morbidities.

The Feingold Program, as Dr. Feingold's elimination diet came to be known, eliminates all artificial colors, artificial flavors, and the preservatives BHA, BHT, & TBHQ. For some people it eliminates aspirin and a group of fruits and vegetables related chemically to the salicylate in the aspirin.

The Feingold Association was founded by parents, in order to give support and make it easier for people who wish to implement the program. The Feingold Program addresses the symptoms and co-morbidities of ADHD. The Feingold Program should be the first choice a physician offers parents of young patients. It seems reasonable that for the pre-school age child it should be the optimum choice.

We are here to help every person who wishes to try the Feingold Program. Over the past 25 years the Feingold Association has developed a system to research ingredients in food and non-food products. A booklet is available that lists products, by brand name, that meet the standard of the Feingold Program. We are the only organization providing this service. Because the current legislation regarding labeling is not sufficiently stringent for children who respond to the Feingold Program, the liklihood of success by just reading labels is low. The failure is often blamed on the Program rather than the method they used to implement it. The Feingold Association is run by volunteers whose families have benefitted from the Program, many of us with 20 or more years of experience. We have come to understand that for some children the Program needs to be individualized, with the elimination of other allergenic foods. Symptomatic improvement is often striking.

In addition to the brand name food list, we also supply a fast food list, medication guide, mail order list, resource list, telephone help line, and internet support group. The Feingold Association's news letter updates the food and non-food product list, it also contains relevant informative articles.

As members of the White House Commission, you should know that the Feingold Aasociation would be pleased if the government insisted on full disclosure of all ingredients used in processing and packaging a product. All these ingredients should be listed on the product. It would make it easier to follow the Program and obviate the need for our product research center.

Respectfully submitted to the White House Commission
January 23, 2001
by Sandra Ehrenkranz