As most of you know, last year, R-- was diagnosed with ADHD. Her testing was in the very high range with many high scores in each of the seven characteristic areas.

As you may also know, a good friend told me about the Feingold diet last fall and I tried it on her. The results were very good, but the doctors were all very sceptical. R's biggest offender is artificial color in foods, hygiene products and even play toys like markers and playdough. Contact with these chemical "fires" her up and she even has physical symptoms such as a rash around her nose and gassiness.

She's been drug-free since the beginning of last December.

Still, the doctors do not support this form of parenting. So, R-- had her annual testing three weeks ago and I told the Child Psychologist that she has not been on Ritalin in months. Now, R's grades aren't the best in the world, but I think she needs some time to catch-up on what's she missed in the real world. The results of the testing astounded the doctor. The Psychologist was literally scratching his head. R's IQ had increased 14 points from a 100 to 114. Each of the 7 areas of ADHD (attention, impulsivity, distractibility, etc. ) had dropped dramatically to the point that her ADHD was nearly undiagnosable. He still pushes Ritalin, or now, Concerta on me, but I did remind him that I almost cancelled the testing that day. Earlier that morning while we were getting ready, R-- was drawing pictures with her sister. I thought she was acting "off" in the car on the way, but I thought it was because she was nervous. When I got to the office, I noticed that she had red marker all over her palms.

The doctor finally conceded that she would probably score higher if she didn't have the marker on her hands. Either way, I was impressed with her progress and the doctors astonishment.

I know I sound like an evanglist about this diet, but it really does make sense and it impacts the future of children (and us). Our world is so chemical laden that REAL food doesn't even appeal to us anymore. Sad. The major food companies like Nabisco and McDonalds have so much money and can influence our spending with commercial after commercial. They don't care if their products are harming us. WE need to be the educated consumer.

Thanks for reading my message. D--