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Letter written in response to advice about
how to help her doctor find antibiotics without coloring.


Thank you. I have demanded that he gets meds. with no coloring. I don't know what I would do without the Feingold ass.. You can not believe the change in my child, since being on the program. He went from doctor jeckle and hyde, to a pleasant human being. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU.

Included with her permission to post her note here, this mom also added:


           I would not mind at all. If my note would help one parent try the diet, instead of drugging their child, my mission would be accomplished. I also wanted to share with you, how evident it is, that the foods we are feeding our kids play an enormous part in their behavior. I have an eleven year old daughter. We are the ones who spend the most time with D---, [but] she will get in the car when I pick them up from school and say to me, mom I think D--- has had artificial. It is unbelievable how instantly the synthetics alter his personality. Mothers can see in their childrens eyes when they are sick, that is because there is a foreign invader in their body and I am telling you that I can just look in D--'s eyes and tell if he has slipped up and eaten something that he should not have eaten, and that is because there is a foreign invader in his body. My husband tries to help keep D-- on the program, but he is a candy eater and will slip every now and then. He offered D--- candy one afternoon, and D--'s response was no daddy if I eat that I will be mean to mommy. It has been a long hard road trying to figure out why my son's personality could change so quickly, and all along it was the gummi bears, fruit roll ups, chocolate milk (vanillin is bad stuff) and etc. The road has been well traveled, because it lead me to the Feingold Asso. THANK YOU!!!!!

-- J