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A Teenager on the Program

I started my 13 year old daughter on Feingold on April 14th. Prior to starting her on Feingold she was having a difficult time with school, sports, peers and family. She was referred to the school counselor and they had suggested that she start seeing a professional counselor / psychologist. This recommendation had been made to me before and I spent several months taking her with the outcome being adderal therapy. After reaching the dose of 30 milligrams per day I could see no change and weaned her off the medicine and discontinued our visits to the counselor.

This time her behavior had become very disruptive and the school suggested I allow them to conduct a psychological profile. The outcome of this profile was very alarming as the tests indicated she was showing indications of suicidal tendencies. I was shocked and scared, as I never imagined my daughter was feeling so bad. I knew it was time to make a decision as to our next step in battling her behavior problems. I had learned about Feingold from an old neighbor and thought ... it's definitely worth the try. I first went to the website and after spending a few hours reading I knew I wanted to sign up for Feingold. As I mentioned earlier, we started Feingold on April 14th. About two weeks into the program we started noticing very positive results. The arguing, shouting, and screaming disappeared. The restless nights of sleep became peaceful slumber. The wearing of all black clothes and huge black boots turned into jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. All of a sudden my daughter had friends calling to spend the night or to ask her to spend the night. I received a letter from the school commending her on her academic improvements. I received a call from the counselor asking for permission to retest her, the results were astounding, her profile test scores went from a 7 to a 50. We can also tell when she has slipped up and eaten the wrong types of foods. To put it mildly, she's unbearable. I ask her to list what foods she ate that day and there is always an "unacceptable" item on the list. We sit down and discuss what has happened and she realizes now how important and effective this program really is to her.

I just wanted to take the time to share our experience and to ask a favor.

The school counselor is very interested in the program and would like additional information. I told her I would write and request that both a doctorsí packet and teachers packet be sent to her.

- L.J.