Posted by Sheila

Guess I never realized how much Feingold was helping me too....See my results..

While I did realize a couple years ago certain things with MSG like meat sticks etc...caused my constant rampant migraine headaches. Within 15 minutes of eating one of those meat sticks WHAM!!!! Headbanger and throwing up half the night. I didn't stay feingold all the time though at work and such because I figured if I didn't eat MSG I was safe. Now this last year I have been staying mostly Feingold to help bolster my son's will power. And I watched something wonderful happen. The fog in my head disapeared. I can't explain it but it has always been there. It hindered me in school and then college. I forgot things almost immediately. Can I say this without sounding conceited??? I find myself sharper and smarter. I catch things quicker I am seeing myself and my son and the whole world so differently. My esteem is just flourishing. Everything just looks brighter. Do you understand??? I hope so because while I understand the chemicals were DRUGGING me it is hard to believe the real me was sleeping for so long. I am wide awake now. It feels good. And did I mention I am finally finishing my degree in education with a minor in montessori teaching. By this time next year I hope to be teaching at a Montessori elementry school. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Love Sheila xx