Thanks so much for continuing to post regarding the Great Plains Outreach Clinics [on the free e-mail newsletter]. We took our 6 year-old daughter to the clinic in Kentucky last October and thank goodness we did. She is not autistic, but came back positive on many of the problem areas that you usually see with autism.

She has been gluten-free/casein-free since January and the change in her is unbelievable. She is doing better than I ever would have dreamed possible. She is loving, kind, caring and HAPPY. You probably know that the website recommends going with the Feingold Program after getting stabilized on GF/CF. Having already been on the Feingold Program, we were a step ahead.

Our pediatrician suggested the Feingold Program and we began using it in December of 2003 while we were living in Japan. Our daughter responded beautifully, but when we moved back to the US things began to fall apart. She would become very aggressive and, at times, violent, throwing tantrums that lasted up to two hours. She would often kick, hit, bite and scream at us. This beautiful child, who is by nature kind, compassionate, loving and very concerned about maintaining positive relationships acted in a way that was very unlike the person she really is.

A neurologist and several psychiatrists were throwing out a variety of very scary possibilities such as Bi-Polar and Reactive Attachment Disorder (our daughter is adopted). I am so grateful for all of the time you spent on the phone and also all of the time you spent talking to others to try to come up with some suggestions for us. Our conversation came at a critical time, and it really helped me to gather my strength and to keep searching for the true solution to her problems.

It is so obvious, looking back now. She did very well in Japan after we started Feingold (December 2003) for several reasons, I think. I didn't know about your book (Why Can't My Child Behave?) at the time and had the impression that taking away dairy completely would be a good idea since she was lactose intolerant. There went the casein. Also, I couldn't read the Japanese labels on the foods and I didn't have a bread maker so I cooked a lot from scratch and we had mostly meat, fruit, veggies, and rice or potatoes. There went the gluten. Then, when we came back to the US and started her on casein and gluten products (as well as many other foods in the Foodlist) and everything fell apart. She still reacts badly if she eats anything with the synthetic additives, but the most dramatic reactions come from gluten and casein.

I wish I would have seen the gluten/casein link early on, but I am so grateful that your organization helped me to finally put all the pieces together for her. Many organizations believe that their way is the ONLY way. Thank you very, very much for being willing to pass on information to your members who may need additional resources. I don't know if we ever would have found the right path otherwise.