Thank you so much for the info. My son had terrible asthma and since I have taken him off foods with high fructose corn syrup and bht one and a half yrs ago, he no longer has asthma. (he also is sensitive to expeller pressed oils, which is ok on the feingold diet but not ok for my son) I brought him to one of the top allergists in the country who told me that my son would have to be on steroids everyday. I even brought the labels of the foods my son seemed to react to. He was tested for many diff allergies and the doctor found nothing. After the appt, I decided to do some of my own research. That is where I found the feingold diet. This March it will be two yrs since I first read about the diet. Since then my son has not needed any treatments for asthma and as far as I'm concerned he doesn't have it anymore.

I am so grateful for everything you guys do.

Thank you,


Note: Although allergy testing is sometimes helpful, it is just as often not. Reactions to chemicals, additives, and even foods can sometimes be a "sensitivity" not an "allergy" and it will not show up on the IgE allergy testing usually done.

Additives are often small chemical compounds similar to drugs. Except as haptens, combined with proteins, they do not, themselves, cause allergic reactions, but they can cause pharmacological reactions. This would be called "side effects" if the additive were a medication. Also, in the case of a food, the person may be reacting to a chemical or fungicide sprayed ON a food, not to the food itself, and allergists cannot test for EVERYTHING, after all.