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Click here to read this mother's touching story on how she found help for her child with ADHD, Aspergers, and developmental disabilities, through the Feingold diet and supplements, after years on medication had not helped him. She entered the Feingold diet in an unusual way, by first removing cow's milk, and she eliminated gluten and casein before the salicylates.

Some psychiatrists who send patients to us, insist that they first remove all milk products from the diet because in their experience so many of the children are sensitive to it. It is possible that this is true for children severely affected enough to be under the care of psychiatrists, but in our experience it is not so often necesssary as to be mandated at the beginning. Instead, we suggest doing the "regular" Feingold diet, graduating to milk-free or gluten/casein-free if needed.

On the other hand, more than 80% of children on the autism spectrum (i.e., Aspergers, autism, etc.) will need to eliminate casein and gluten (milk and grain proteins), and we give an introduction to it in our Handbook and materials. As can be seen in this story, it is hard, but often well worth the effort. If you suspect that your child may need a gluten/casein-free diet as well as the Feingold Program, you can have them tested through a lab such as The Great Plains Laboratory.