I don't know if I should direct this e-mail to you, but I just wanted to let someone at Feingold know that removing the preservatives and food dye from his diet (and lotion) COMPLETELY got rid of his eczema. We noticed a massive improvement of our 4 year old's eczema when we removed the dyes and preservatives from his diet and then, once we changed the doctor-recommended lotion to one that is chemical-free, the eczema totally disappeared (that was last spring). So, I just wanted to say "thank you"!

(added with email giving permission to reprint:)

Removing the preservatives and dyes from my son's diet and lotion completely got rid of my son's eczema to the point that things that worsened the eczema before still do not cause the eczema to return (weather changes, hot showers, sweating).

Thanks so much for all of your work- it touches many lives!