Hello, I wrote to you a few months back. I was the mother desperately seeking / begging for any help for my 8 year old daughter, J----. I was skeptical about the diet but I was more desperate for any help I could give my daughter no matter how small. I have never felt so helpless as a parent as I did watching my daughter go through such anguish. It broke my heart and I felt so guilty about giving her the Ritalin. We prayed for help, I pleaded-- " God, please help me to help my daughter. Please make these movements go away". [Editor's note -- We have spoken to many many parents who say their children developped the movement disorder called Tourette syndrome triggered by stimulant medication. We have seen too many for us to believe those who say this is a very rare occurrence. Unless, of course, they are ALL finding their way to us. ]

My husband and I had made the decision that our daughter would never be placed back on Ritalin or any similar medication. I told my husband that if our daughter had to be schooled in 10 minute increments then that is what will be done. I am so PLEASED to inform you that after 3 very long months of tics / tourettes and one month on the Feingold Diet my daughter's movements have stopped, she is medication free, she is able to focus on task, and doing great in school. She is calm and pleasant and doing well with piano. Another positive is that J---- has never shown much interest in food and her skin color was pale. Now she has a great appetite and her skin is healthy looking and it glows. I feel like you and the Feingold Organization was a God send to our family and most importantly my daughter, J----. I feel I owe a tremendous dept but I am not sure as how to begin to repay it. I will never be able to give back what I have received but I want to do something. I would love to tell my story to others in hopes of helping others. I want to let people know there is help and alternatives and to not lose hope and not give up. I feel so happy and inside I am beaming. I want to stand on roof tops and yell, " Look at my baby. The diet works people. Go tell everyone!!!" I want to spread the word about Feingold. There is no greater gift I could have received then the one I received through God and the Feingold Organization. Please let me know what I can do to help others. Thank you and Feingold so much. I will be eternally grateful. Love, DL, Mississippi