Our family has been on the Feingold Program since January 2000 and have really seen changes.My husband received a job promotion because of it. I just got a computer and went on the web to find you. Please send us the free E-Mail newsletter that you talk about on the web. I do like the packet we received from you in January and the food list book has really come in handy. Thanks for all the info. Our family appreciates you.         ~ M.

In reply to my e-mail asking for more info:

I have found the phase 1 of your diet has totally calmed me down. I could not sit still or could I ever really concentrate on any project. I always had to be doing something. It took me three weeks for my body to really accept the change. I felt tired and no energy but now I feel great.

My Boss asked me what happen to me ? They noticed such a change in my job for example completing tasks I was asked to do, not jumping from one thing to another. Within one week they told me if I keep this up they could promote me. What great results. I am now being told that I am really being considered for department head, but now they have me as a lead man under the department head position.

Here are some of the changes that have occurred in my life through this diet plan:
1. Able to concentrate better
2. Able to gain some weight
3. Able to sit still
4. I am not a rambler in talking
5. Able to listen rather than disrupting others.
6. A better self Image

I always strived for these goals but could never achieve them what a difference they make in one's life just by changing your eating habits. You have permission to use this in family comments.

W.M., Elizabethtown PA