(part of ongoing Q&A about how to begin Stage 2...)

okay when starting stage 2,  I am to introduce things one at a time. Now does that mean totally everything like hotdogs, and snacks? I thought it meant only new fruits and vegetables ... Can I introduce Kahn's hot dogs and tomatoes at the same time? Or tomatoes one week and Kahn's hot dogs the next????? help - we are doing great on Stage one, but need to find some variety. The candy at the Health Food Store in Stage two ---does it need to be introduced one at a time? We are excited about trying candy, Cool Fruit grape & cherry frozen pops. Thanks for your quick reply last time!

-- L

---P.S. Thank you so much for all the help. I love this plan---It has brought so much peace to our family's life. My son is totally different---he is loveable, huggable, plays well with other children and does not swear, threaten me, cry alot, not aggressive, not mean, ---he is kind and patient---And much more! What a difference Feingold made in our life and his. It's hard to handle children with ADD, but it is even harder for them to have the feelings they have built up inside. I don't want my son to ever feel yucky like that ever again. It's like he is free now--- a whole new person that was waiting to get help, to be heard, to be set free from the prison within him.    THANK YOU !!!     THANK YOU!!!    THANK YOU!!!

*** Shula, I also want to mention that I took my son who is 6yrs old off of his daily floride tablet and mult-vitamin one week before starting the Feingold diet and also started elimating foods that week and then went straight into Stage One the following week with no problems. Two days after stopping floride and mult-vitamins I starting seeing a whole new personality with few mood swings.

*** I am thankful I stumbled upon your plan, but I wish I would of heard about it sooner. Everyone notices a difference in my son and I spread the word every chance I get so maybe someone else can be helped. I have had two phone calls from friends of friends that heard what I am doing and want to know more about the Feingold plan.