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We welcome you as a Feingold volunteer. Read the Volunteer Agreement below. When you click on the button that says "I agree to the above terms," you will be taken to a questionnaire so you can let us know about you, your skills and interests, and which volunteer projects you are interested in.


Your precious gift of time may be just what is needed to start someone else on the road to self-discovery, provide moral support and motivation for fellow members, or help to uncover detailed product information. Any member who has had a good response to the Feingold® Program is encouraged to share their experience with others, distribute information and participate in the work of the organization.

There are only a few simple things to keep in mind when working as a volunteer for the Feingold Association.

  • Confidentiality is critical to our mission. Personal information is never shared without authorization. The organization never discloses its membership lists for any commercial purpose and asks volunteers to maintain that same high standard.

  • Even though someone might discuss a medical problem with you, never instruct them to begin, alter, or discontinue any medical regimen including prescription medication. Each one of us has only our own experiences to share and is probably not qualified to offer medical advice. Always suggest that someone you're helping consult a physician or medical professional for diagnosis and medical management.

  • The information within your Feingold member materials is protected by copyright and should not be copied or distributed without permission from the Feingold Association of the United States [FAUS]. The exceptions are website pages and our newsletter, Pure Facts. These may be printed, copied, and distributed as desired, giving credit to us as the source.

  • While assisting newer members, volunteers should avoid mention of any other treatment not required to implement the Feingold Program, such as vitamins and/or food supplements. Trying too many things at once makes it hard to judge the effectiveness of dietary changes alone and can increase the cost and complexity of getting started.

If you would like to become part of our volunteer network
and agree to maintain the principles above, click on the button below.