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Order a supply of our FREE informational cards to distribute in your local area. Put the cards in your car and post them as you go about your chores. You may leave one on any public bulletin board, or ask to leave some at a health food store, beauty shop or other store you patronize. Most libraries have hand-out racks and will put these out if you explain that the Feingold Association is a nonprofit organization. Some members place a card inside books about hyperactivity on the library shelves for the next patron to see.

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Order a supply of our FREE trifold brochures to distribute in your local area, through your doctor's office, your PTA, etc. You may find it helpful to provide a plastic holder for them so that they can stand up on a desk or counter.

Order some now

Place your next order for books, videos, etc. at the Feingold Amazon Bookstore and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Your cost will be the same, but by starting your Amazon purchase or search at our Bookstore or at the search form at right, FAUS will receive a 5% to 15% rebate to help with our mission.

Request that your library order the book Why Can't My Child Behave? as a resource for information about ADD and ADHD. Orders should be sent to Feingold Association, 11849 Suncatcher Drive, Fishers IN 46037

See more info about the book, and read the first 40+ pages
Why Can't My Child Behave? by Jane Hersey. Reference and reading - updated information on diet & behavior
Send an email to irma@feingold.org with the name, mailing address and editor's name of any small, local newspaper. Irma will contact them and ask them to print a free public service ad about the Feingold Association.
Visit the Member Bulletin Board of the web site to see if there are any questions for which you have comments. It always helps newcomers ("newbies") to hear from experienced members.

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If you have let your subscription to Pure Facts lapse, your username will be disabled; now is a good time to renew it: USA || Canada.

Visit the Eating Out page, and print out the Restaurant Form Letter. Using the list of addresses provided, send the letter on your own stationary to all your favorite restaurants.

While you are at it, let us know if any of these addresses are no longer correct, or if you have some to add.

Restaurant Table
Designate the Feingold Association as the recipient of your United Way or Combined Health Campaign donation
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United Way Designated Donations
Some agencies have the option to allow their members to designate part or all of their donation to a charity that is not included in their list. If your United Way or CFC organization offers this, you can fill out the form to have money donated to the Feingold Association. Here's how:
  • Speak with the person at your place of business who is responsible for the giving campaign. Request a designated donor form.

  • If either you or the rep needs information about the Feingold Association or has questions, you are welcome to contact us. Write to JaneFAUS@aol.com -- please put the word "Feingold" in the subject line.

  • Getting approval can be a little time-consuming, but the good news is that once we have been added to your local chapter's list of approved charities, you should be able to donate in future years without any need to go through this process.

Some people ask why we don't register with all of the chapters. This would be an overwhelming task as there are hundreds of them. In addition, each chapter has its own rules, and some will allow donations to go to other cities, while some insist that any donations stay in their geographic area.

We have found that the best approach is to work with each agency individually as we learn of members wishing to send their donation to us.