Move your cursor on and off the graphs below to see them change
Both graphs above show the same studies, but one shows them in random order ... so doctors say that the studies on the effects of food coloring on children are "all over the place" or have "mixed results."

However, the minute you graph the study results against HOW MUCH coloring was used, you have a dose effect. See it by holding your cursor over the picture. This is a very strong argument in favor of removing food dyes from everybody's diet.

By the way, do you notice that the highest amount of coloring used in a study was 150 mg? No studies have ever been done on children using the Accepted Daily Intake (ADI) of almost 1,000 mg. No studies have even ever been done on children using 300 mg although the FDA recognized that some people ate that much a day even back in 1977.

If you don't do any study .... well, then ... you won't know anything bad about it, right?