Some baby foods have been found to contain toxic levels of heavy metals, according to a new congressional report.

These heavy metals can cause neurological damage (among other issues) in infants.

The Food and Drug Administration does not have any limit for the amount of lead, cadmium and mercury permitted to be in baby food, although there is a limit for the amount of inorganic arsenic in infant cereal.

A new congressional report accuses major manufacturers of putting profits ahead of the safety of babies.  The companies named are Hain Celestial’s Earth’s Best, Campbell Soup’s Plum Organics, Gerber, and Beech-Nut.  The infant rice cereals by Gerber and Beech-Nut, were found to have high levels of arsenic.

“This is what happens when you let the food and chemical companies, not the FDA, decide whether or not a food is safe to eat.”   Scott Faber of the Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group charges that not only do these companies fail to test the finished products for metals, but they allow the food to be sold to consumers even after they know of the food’s toxicity.

At one time Walmart limited the amount of arsenic allowed in their baby food to 23 parts per billion, but they altered this protection in 2018, allowing 100 ppb, more than four times the previously acceptable amount of the toxin.

The FDA has proposed that baby food manufacturers set much lower loads for heavy metals in their products, but their proposal is just that – a proposal.  Companies are free to continue  “business as usual.”