Cream Soups for Casseroles


I am starting to figure out what we are having for our family Thanksgiving Dinner this year.   While most people feel that it is all about the turkey, my kids are all about the sides.  Our favorites are green bean, corn and sweet potato casserole.  Through trial and error, I have been able to replace those store boughten cream of soups  that are filled with salt and MSG laden broths.



Cream of Chicken

4 tablespoons   butter

¼ cup                 flour

1 large box        chicken broth

salt & pepper to taste



1) Melt butter in a skillet; add flour and stir until golden brown.

2) Add just enough broth so you can mix with a wire whisk until creamy. Add salt and whisk until mixture looks and tastes like concentrated cream of chicken soup. Keep in mind that this soup, like the concentrate, is salty and thick.

3) Use in your favorite recipe.


Cream of Mushroom

1)  For this soup, replace the chicken broth with 18-ounce can of sliced mushrooms with liquid. Stir into the flour and butter mixture as directed above.  Combine broth as mentioned in recipe above.


Cream of Celery

1)  For this soup, cook one stalk of finely chopped celery in water until tender.  Add this mixture into the flour and butter.  Combine broth as mentioned in recipe above.