Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had an effective treatment for COVID-19…today? 

Perhaps we do.


And wouldn’t it be great if the treatment had little risk of negative side-effects and was inexpensive?  The dream is a reality, according to a small number of doctors around the U.S. and abroad who are successfully treating their patients.


A leader in this effort is Dr. Paul Marik of the Eastern Virginia Medical School Hospital in Norfolk, VA.


Several years ago, the Feingold Association’s newsletter carried an article about Dr. Marik’s discovery that an intravenous solution using vitamin C cured patients with sepsis – generally a fatal condition.  The treatment has since been researched and shown to dramatically help many illnesses, although most doctors are reluctant to use it.


The hero in Dr. Marik’s protocol for COVID is a drug called ivermectin, created for the treatment of parasites in animals. 


The three scientists who developed ivermectin were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015.


While it is encouraging that some studies of ivermectin are underway, it can take a long time before the work is completed, peer-reviewed and published.  Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration advises against the use of ivermectin for treating COVID, although it is legal for a doctor to use it.  The objection Dr. Marik and his colleagues have is that thousands of people will die needlessly while the medicine moves from clinical use to mainstream acceptance.


In addition to ivermectin, the treatment regimen includes vitamin D3, vitamin C (oral version), Quercetin (an inexpensive antioxidant found in plants), zinc and melatonin.  Dr. Marik urges wearing a mask, maintaining social distances and frequent handwashing.


The drug/supplement combination can be used both to prevent and treat COVID-19.



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