By any measure in publishing, and if you ask my 10-year old grandson, Dav Pilkey is a rock star.  The children’s author created his characters Captain Underpants (a superhero for grade-schoolers) and Dog Man (a hound-supercop) in second grade, sitting alone in the hall during class as a result of his ADHD.

 Diagnosed at age 8 with what was then called “extreme hyperactivity disorder”, Pilkey spent a lot of time in the hallway because “I was distracting everyone in the class with my silliness and I couldn’t stay in my chair and keep my mouth shut.   My second through fifth grade teachers didn’t know what else do do with me”.

Pilkey says that his ADHD was his super power.  “All kids have superpowers. All kids have strengths or passions that can help them thrive.” 

Captain Underpants and the Dogman series can be found in the Feingold Bookstore